Halloween Makeup Post (Glam Skull, Happy Bunny)

Post Halloween make up post! First of all I'll start with the Glam Skull Halloween makeup that I did.
Loved working with these sequins/glitter. Inspired by the many 'glam' skull looks going around at the minute, still want to do some more experimenting/different looks including with sequin teeth (as they look gorgeous).


This look was done a couple of days before Halloween. My Halloween eve make up was another clown look...

This is the only photo I got of a quick Pennywise inspired makeup I did for a Halloween party (also did my friend's make up, who took me faffing with his waterline like a champ).

Finally, Happy Bun for Halloween night. You can just about see I've experimented a wee bit here with liquid latex and tissue, to try and build up the gouged eye look.

What did you lovely folks dress up as for Halloween? :)

"Faun ov Hell", Michael Hussar Inspired Make Up

Faun ov Hell, my Michael Hussar inspired make up art. 
Make up & editing done by me, model is me.

Michael Hussar has long been one of my all time favourite artists, and so, what better way to pay homage to him other than in a Halloween make up? (or for any occasion, if you feel like being eerie)

Of course, if you've never heard of Michael Hussar before, I heartily encourage that you check his artwork out.

This shot shows a tiny bit better some of the Pink Opal shade I've been using from Kat Von D's Alchemist Palette (which I am absolutely in love with).

Some quick webcam shots too (the eyes are edited).

Have any of you been doing any Halloween make ups? :) 

Mettaton EX Cosplay @ Play Expo Manchester (Oct 2017)

Last weekend I had the privilege of guesting at the North's biggest gaming expo, Play Expo Manchester. As the majority of my cosplays are particularly cumbersome, ominous and lacking in pink, for a change, I decided it would be the best event to get Mettaton EX finished for! 😁

Couple of shots of my stand!

Make up close ups.

I've also put together a little make up video for the Mettaton EX cosplay, since I've not done one in forever. Hopefully helpful, but also perhaps as some Halloween/fancy dress inspo for you lovely folks.

Glamburgers 4 days.

Killer robots and killer clowns. Twisty here is the lovely Andy from Hellbender Studio

With one of our masquerade winners, Warp Raven cosplay.

Sadly didn't really get any shots wandering around, but the event itself was fantastic. Was my first time there, and I'd been meaning to visit for a couple of years since I'd first heard about it. As you can probably gather, the convention's focus is gaming of all kinds - entry gains you a full day of faffing about on retro games, pinball machines, arcade games, VR, tabletop, LAN, indie games, etc. you name it. Would definitely recommend it to any fellow gaming enthusiasts, and I'd love to go again.

This was also my first time guesting at a convention, and as all the people there were absolutely lovely, it was a great experience. The organisers, the staff, cosplayers (inc. everyone who took part in the Cosplay Masquerade), all the folks who came to the stand to say hello, and fellow talented cosplay guests (Corvidae Cosplay Emporium and Deppalike). Was a brilliant opportunity and thank you so much to the organisers for inviting me to guest there. 💜

IT/Pennywise Inspired Clown Makeup

Beep beep! You didn't think there wouldn't be another clown make up from me before Halloween, right? Of course, and what better reason to be inspired to do it than by the IT remake.

Bonus little video while I was mid way through doing the make up...

"Feed me and tell me I'm pretty" 😁

Some really exciting news too, I will be guesting next month at Play Expo Manchester! So if any of you guys are going along please come and say hi, I will be there for both days (& am currently working away getting some things ready for it).

It (2017) Review

Image result for IT pennywise 2017 gutter

IT (2017) was part of a double whammy of unexpected surprises within the last month of horror. Along with Annabelle: Creation, both films were entertaining and atmospheric compared to their 'predecessors' (the original IT miniseries and the first Annabelle film). Not that Annabelle or the original IT miniseries were altogether bad, but lacking in the same momentum.

Having given up on the endless sequel/remake train of horror, and nostalgia not on my side (no massive enthusiast of the IT miniseries despite Tim Curry), IT turned out to be very engaging.

The joviality the creature It takes in 'salting the meat' comes through in the film very well. There had been mixed receptions before I'd had chance to watch, including that it was extremely funny - which is true in parts. But it was an almost perfect balance of silliness, hysteria and eeriness. Pennywise dancing, for example (which is fast becoming a meme), was borderline slapstick but didn't dampen the overall sinister tone the film had.

Even if you're not familiar with the book, one thing that wasn't emphasised in the original miniseries was It's ability to change into different forms, and this reboot features several creepy incarnations of each character's fear from the Losers Club (one very reminiscent of the ghost in Guillermo del Toro's Mama). The amusement It takes through these other guises, and in Pennywise form helps heighten the character's overall fear factor compared to the original, and gives audiences a better sense of how powerful It is.

The graphic nature of the beginning was a little unnecessary in regards to Georgie, but for the remainder of the film the gore wasn't too bad and Muschietti did a great job of making you root for the character.

So the big question of is this portrayal of Pennywise better? I don't think is a comparison that needs to happen, or could even be easily made, particularly in regards to Tim Curry. The film as a whole, and as a first installment of the story was fantastic, and I am looking forward to Chapter 2. Pennywise, for me, was never a horror villain that particularly made an impression. Possibly due to the fact the character seems to be consistently present onscreen, which undermines its otherworldly nature. Objectively speaking, Skarsgard's had the advantages of CGI and better budget on its side (Pennywise's costume and make up are easily superior), along with the original miniseries to compare itself to and improve upon. But both are unique.

Overall, a fantastic reboot with great acting from everyone. Not exactly nightmare inducing for those of us with a tolerance to clowns, but I'd seriously recommend it.  Bonus: the cinema we went to see IT in also gave us an awesome poster.

Have any of you lovely folks seen IT? What did you think of the film?

Nightmare in Budapest Review ( + Labyrinth of Buda Castle)

It's been a mighty long while since I last reviewed a scare attraction...
And the first time I've ever reviewed one overseas in Europe!

Recently got back from a visit to Budapest, and prior to going decided to scout out if there were any horror attractions there. Which, there was indeed! Nightmare In Budapest is a 'haunted house' scare attraction based in the centre of the city, with multiple different themed rooms (similar to Pasaje del Terror).

Couple of standout features of this attraction were the scare methods - challenges for you to solve with a time limit, all while one member of your group is intimidated/has a weapon slammed closer and closer to them. Not sure I've ever been shrink wrapped before, either.

Oh yes, and they offer short clips of your experience that they upload on to Youtube. ;)

As a permanent year-round attraction, this is one with particularly excellent sets. The mood was set right from the large waiting room. Everything down to the locker room & walking into the toilets was themed with horror film paraphernalia, hanging bodies, drawings on walls.

Inside, there were about 6 or 7 different rooms ranging from being themed around an old style operating theatre/doctor's room with an operating table (complete with corpse), to a UV lit room with a moving wall on one side. All of the rooms were very atmospheric & well decorated, but particularly the dining room and the operating theatre. 

All in all, an excellent scare attraction and if anyone is visiting Budapest who's an avid horror fan, or would simply like to try something alternative to the usual touristy stuff, I'd definitely recommend it.

Another notable attraction in Budapest along the horror attraction lines would be the Labirintus/Labyrinth of Buda Castle which has a significant section of walking the cold, damp, underground passages in total darkness with only a rope to guide you.

There's also the Dracula's Chamber section following that, which made great use of the eerie environment with fx fog and music. Obviously it showed up too dark on my phone to give you a good sense of what it was like in there, but it was absolutely worth a visit. You have the option, if you visit later on in the day, to navigate through the tunnels by lantern.

I'll be compiling a little video of the rest of the trip to mix things up, rather than doing a sprawling post of photos.
Have any of you visited Budapest or know of any other interesting things to see?

Ulbandi Inspired Makeup

Recently did a Ulbandi inspired face paint/makeup, as I've been thinking about doing an interpretation of her character for a while (considering I named my cosplay page after her). 

Ulbandi/Fluithiun is a an ogress mentioned in The Book of Lost Tales Part 2, who was written out of the later drafts & not included in the Silmarillion (as Tolkien didn't like the idea of the Vala having children). She was referenced as the mother of Melkor's son, Gothmog, the chief Balrog and captain of Angband. Hence the horns in this look. This look was achieved primarily with black Snazaroo face paint and copious amounts of black NYX Cosmetic's & Collection 2000 eyeliner for any intricate linework.

This is one of very few shots that are on this blog that show my septum piercing, which I had done a while back but forgot to write about. Had it done at Holier Than Thou, and I totally recommend them as I've had no problems with it whatsoever.

Hope you folks have a wonderful weekend! :)

Master Sylvanas Cosplay @ Manchester MCM Expo 2017

Post-MCM post! & round 2 of bringing out Master Sylvanas again.

This year was unexpectedly great, had a lovely time with lovely folks such as my cosplay buddy Hanajima Cosplay (who was dressed as a most fabulous Kusuriuri from Princess Mononoke. Check her IG!). 

Morelia Cosplay in her stunning Master Kael'thas & I.

Some awesome shots from Eddie at Food & Cosplay!

This was also the first time I wore the cosplay with the mask as I thought I would be too hot last time at Majikkon. Unfortunately the bow was too large to take in to the venue, so I didn't bring it. 
One day I will get a shot of this whole cosplay with the bow. One day!

Did any of you attend a con last weekend? :) hope you had a great one! 

HorrorCon UK 2017

On Saturday 13th May, I ventured out to HorrorCon UK for the first time go and meet Elvira! One of my (and probably every goth/horror enthusiast's) absolute biggest inspirations. Originally I wasn't going to dress up for this con, but I figured since I hadn't clowned up in forever, why not!

This time the event was held in Magna Science Adventure Centre (where GNG Entertainment's scare attraction Bunker 13 had previously been held, way back in 2011). Was interesting to see it during the day!

Since I only went to meet Elvira and have a quick look around for the one day, my overall verdict was; similar market stall layout to most comic & cosplay conventions, albeit much cooler stuff and amazing guests. Sadly, I missed Sid Haig this time who was also there, but there was definitely a wide and more interesting range of things to do & look at.

There were film screenings, Q&A's with the guests, the "Scareplay" competition very similar to a cosplay masquerade, horror/paranormal related talks. Even though I didn't end up buying anything I loved the variety of stalls, spooky props/home deco, original art, horror themed cakes/chocolate, and Rubber Gorilla had a stall there who do custom latex masks that are absolutely insane.

Here's a little segment of Cassandra Peterson's Q&A with Bunny Galore, discussing how she chose the name Elvira.

Seemed a bit quiet following the photo ops with Elvira, but thought the general vibe was great, and the costumes I saw while I was there were really fantastic. My only slight criticism is that meeting with the guests seemed very impersonal regardless of what you chose to do (autograph or photograph), would have been nice to have more of a chance to speak to them. Other than that, it was a fantastic day!

Photo by Carl Hadi.

Did any of you lovely folks go to Horrorcon UK this year or have any plans to go to any horror related cons? :)

Pokemon Daily Makeups

A few months back I had an idea to do a Haunter themed make up, which turned out to be quite popular, so I've tried to keep up doing them every so often.

I've always really enjoyed doing themed daily/eye make ups (particularly in the style of different villains), and following Haunter I've done Gastly, Arbok and Umbreon themed looks. Haunter is my absolute favourite, although I tend to veer towards Poison/Ghost type Pokemon (as you can see) & they work especially well for dark/gothic looks. ;)

The eyeshadows used in these looks are mostly from Revolution's Colour Clash Palette, Fash eyeshadow palette, and/or Sugarpill's Cold Chemistry palette. I use either NYX Cosmetics' liquid eyeliner or Collection 2000 Fast Stroke black liquid eyeliner for detailing. 

Lip colour is NYX Cosmetics'  Liquid Suede Cream in Sway.

 Lip colour here is Barry M's black Lip Paint. 

Lip colour is a muted down LA Splash Cosmetics' Lip Couture in Criminal. 

Lip colour here is NYX Cosmetics' Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen.

I do have the next few planned, but would love to hear if there are any particular looks/Pokemon you folks would like to see?  

Thank you so much for reading, lovely people! Will be doing another make up post similar to what I did earlier this year with a general overview of what I've learned, new products I've tried out etc. 
If you have any questions or would like to see any more of my make up, cosplay or artwork I am also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. :)