April Angelspit Gig @ Moho Live

Me hiding behind my latex gloves.

Last night I went to the Angelspit gig at Moho Live in Manchester, and it was, without a word of a lie, absolutely amazing (my latex gloves and I are still covered in glitter!).

We arrived at the venue rather early & had a few wandering stoners harassing people for a short while, (not kidding about this sadly – however luckily nothing happened) before we were admitted inside. I met up with my friend Sara inside & managed to get to the middle of the front. I had to battle fiercely with violent swinging people to keep this position – but the pain was hella worth it.

The bands to play were Command & Conquer, the Ladder & then finally Angelspit. Before the concert I had no idea who the first two bands, however I found the Ladder unexpectedly amusing (the lead singer pointing at various crowd members and referring to them as "dirty bitches!").  I managed to escape with some photographic evidence, plus a vest & a necklace (thank you so much Amelia).

Off the top of my head, the songs played were Maggot, Princess Chaos, Let them Eat Distortion, Kill Kitty, Wolf, Girl Poison, Grind, Vena Cava, Fuck the Revolution and 100%. I was ecstatic because they played my favourite song from Hideous & Perfect (Princess Chaos. But I do love them all)

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