Being Inspired

Inspiration is hiding everywhere in everything imaginable. It can range from road signs to people that you know to crisp packets to catchphrases.

If you're a creative type of person, then you will probably know exactly how hard it can be to inspired, especially when you have to produce work on a daily basis. Everyone has the capability of being imaginative, some very much so that they could create projects of colossal proportions from the slightest amount of thought. A lot of the time, though, you will have to look for inspiration yourself, as we are not all ingenius idea machines, and even wizards can have a brain-motor melt down every once in a while.

So, how to get inspired? Well, in truth, it's all down to the individual. It's about finding something that you think 'Wow, that is absolutely AMAZING and I would love to create some work inspired by that". Something that fuels and drives you, that you can't take your mind off of, and that when you come to do any sort of projects themed around that certain thing, you can absolutely put your heart into.

Sometimes it can feel like nothing inspires you, and that everything is a bore. If this is the case, you may want to improve your personal happiness (I'll post on this later), as that may be having an impact in your creative juices being temporarily un-extractable (cursed juicer!).
However, if you are currently in a predicament where you're really down and stuck for ideas, here are some useful hints for being inspired.

·         Go out and visit an art gallery. Or view art online, and take a look at galleries of artists you've never considered looking at before.
·         Switch up your schedule. Be spontaneous. Sleep at the wrong end of the bed, or on the floor even.
·         Take on the persona of someone else, for example, a fictional character or someone you admire. It can be interesting to see things in a different perspective.
·         Delve into a culture. Try new food.
·         Read new books/magazines.
·         Watch new movies. Go to the cinema and pick out a random film to watch.
·         Look into fashion subcultures.
·         Visit a new place.
·         Read fashion blogs.
·         Keep a journal. It can be as short or as detailed as you want it to be. It can be a recording of things you like in a day or even a crazy made up exaggeration/story.
·         Listen to a new kind of music, or a new artist. Look at album art.
·         Watch runway shows.
·         Get involved with your local communities. There may be groups filled with fascinating people or that partake in activities you may really enjoy.
·         Watch a play at the theatre.
·         Go to your local supermarket and look at food packaging
·         Watch advertisements (personal favourites for inspiration? Magnum ice cream adverts!)
·         Keep an inspiration book. It can be as big or as small as you like. Fill it with excerpts of poetry, outfits you like, photographs and bits of material etc. whatever you find appealing to look at.
·         Adopt style icons. They can be absolutely anyone you like, from celebrities to fictional characters. 
·         Go on WeHeartIt and Flickr for photography inspiration
·         And Polyvore for fashion inspiration
·         Look on estate agent/home decorating sites at houses and ideas.
·         Watch old fashioned silent films and cartoons.
·         Make a list of questions that you think are interesting and interview people. All kinds of people.
·         Go out into mainstream shops and observe what is in fashion at the moment.
·         Go for long walks in as many different kinds of weather you can.
·         Doodle things. With nothing in mind. You may accidentally impress yourself.
·         Keep a dream diary.
·         Write letters to people you admire. I know I recommend this for virtually everything, but their responses can be life changing. Literally.
·         Play creative computer games. Like the Sims, or Rollercoaster Tycoon.
·         Invent your own language.
·         Look at different kinds of font. Adjust your handwriting.
·         Make a music video/short silent film out of your average day.
·         Take daily outfit photos. This can make things a lot easier for you if you are a more fashion orientated/inspired kind of person, as you can then have outfit combinations at your disposal to play around with and evolve
·         Visit markets and thrift stores.
·         Look at ink blot tests and optical illusions
·         Get enough sleep. Not enough sleep can really affect your moods & how well you operate. Creative genius won't come to you if you can't think of anything else besides how much you want to go back to bed!
·         Go to poetry readings and book clubs.
·         Listen to podcasts and audio CD's.
·         Also, it can be helpful to have a pen and notebook by your bed, as when you are falling asleep, and your mind is much less cluttered with thoughts, inspiration can hit!

It can take a while to be inspired sometimes, but be patient! You might be just going through a grey phase, but fear not, something insanely awesome will come along and burst your gloom bubble!

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