Making New Friends/Homo-Sapien Interaction for the Unwary

From the magnificent Allie of Hyperbole and a Half

Interacting with people can seem like both a simple or daunting task, depending on your disposition. If you don't get out much, you may notice your personal happiness is affected by the fact you don't get to talk to people as much as you'd like. Being reclusive will make you miserable. While it may seem like a big deal at first, just try taking small amounts of time out of your schedule going to some random class one night a week and meeting new people. Who knows who you will find?

Generally speaking, if you want to get to know new people, you will want to start off by greeting them with a smile and 'hello', 'hi', 'how do you do?', or whatever greeting you prefer to use. Introduce yourself, tell them your name. Most people just want to make general chit chat. The aim of this is to see if you can find a common ground. If you think that for the present you are inept at such talk, here are some suggestions of things you can ask.

·         How are you?
·         How was/is your day?
·         Are you doing anything this weekend?
·         Have you seen (insert movie title)? Would you like to see it? 
·         What do you do for a living?
·         What are your passions?
·         What are you really excited about right now?
·         What kind of music are you listening to at the moment?
·         What is your favourite film?
·         Have you ever been to (insert place here)?
·         Do you play any instruments?
·         What do you like doing in your spare time?
·         What would you define your style as?
·         Do you watch TV? What is your favourite show?
·         What are five things you could not live without?
·         Do you have any pets? What is your favourite animal?
·         What is your favourite food? Are you vegetarian/vegan?
·         What does your dream day consist of?
·         And so on and so forth.

Most of the questions to begin with may seem exceptionally simple, however, if you feel comfortable enough, go right ahead and ask something spontaneous! This is just a rough idea of the kind of things I would ask someone if I was getting to know them, so feel free to add and change as much as you like.

This may sound funny, but socialising is an ability in itself, and one which you have to acquire. We weren't born smooth talkers! It can take time for you to just generate simple conversation, especially if you are out of the habit, so try to regularly speak to people. As Gala Darling would say, "Don’t just keep to yourself! You're too awesome to be a hermit!"

How about you, stitchearts? What are your ways of getting to know people?

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