Style Tips: Greek Goddess

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·         Wear very long lightweight dresses. Especially ones with a cowl neck.
·         Wear halterneck tops.
·         White and beige fabrics, accented with gold.
·         Have lots of pretty leafy accessories in your outfits.
·         Learn how to speak Greek
·         Wear strappy sandals.
·         Cloudwatch.
·         Read books on Greek Mythology.
·         Develop an obsession with columns
·         Put a basketball underneath your top and run about claiming you are pregnant with Zeus's child.
·         Have a certain element or subject you are goddess of. Invent a name for yourself.
·         Tie your hair back in a huge elaborate bun/beehive.
·         Wear halos of leaves/shiny beads.
·         Visit Greece.
·         Go swimming in beautiful pools.
·         Watch Clash of the Titans, Troy and Hercules.
·         Wear Greek symbols
·         Eat lots of salads and yoghurt with honey.
·         Wear autumnal themed make up.
·         Gold bangles & belts
·         Collect seashells.
·         Get into astrology and astronomy.
·         Dangly tiaras!
·         Take pottery classes and start a collection of crazy urns.
·         Curl/wave your hair.

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