Your Dream Town/City

Just the other day I was talking to a friend about restaurant & shop businesses and how our town has barely anything to do. So we ended up making a list of things that we would have in a town if we were to have the choice or make it ourselves. This is mine here, but I would absolutely LOVE to hear yours!

·         A water park themed around Ancient Greece & Greek Mythology. Huge slides, water fountains, crazy river rapids, underwater tunnels and tunnels that lead you into hidden caverns, bars you can swim up to, mermaid tails you can wear.
·         A gigantic theme park with over 100 rollercoasters and rollercoaster transportation.
·         A manor house with lots of gardens, a giant hedge maze, where fancy dress tea parties are annually held every Saturday at the centre.
·         An ice rink that is inside an ice castle & themed around the Snow Queen. Torches with blue flames & smoke machines. A dungeon you can go into & a dragon you can talk to that breathes fire.
·         A disco glow in the dark bowling alley.
·         Cinemas.
·         Cupcakery, Wagamama, fast food court (McDonald's etc.), Ye Olde Sweet Shop (like Honeydukes), an Ice Cream Parlour, ChoccyWoccyDoodah, Starbucks.
·         Japanese store that is like a small supermarket & sells gothic lolita clothing (eg. Tokyo Royale, Angelic Pretty, Sweet Rococo, Rose Chocolat) anime/manga, Japanese music, Japanese Ramen & other various produce.  
·         A sports centre with a giant trampoline that takes up a hall.  
·         An indoor goth market. 
·         Other little quirky clothing stores & gift shops. (for example Modcloth, Irregular Choice, Tarina Tarantino, Patricia Field, Curious Tales, PunkyPins, Alexander McQueen) 
·         A fairly large concert venue for bands of all kinds.
·         A permanent fun fair with a fun house, giant rotating hamster wheel, waltzers, giant tower slide, blue candyfloss, wacky rides, lots of crazy game stalls, an arcade, a themed fight area (cake fight, water fight, paint fight etc)
·         An opera house & ballet
·         A theatre with unorthodox productions & live shows of RHPS.
·         A variety of classes available. Bellydancing, bollywood dancing, art classes, photography, make up art, craft classes, creative writing classes, circus performing, sock knitting, jewellery making etc.
·         Theme restaurants. Like haunted house, Sweetie Pie (in NYC), retro American diner etc.
·         Roller discos.
·         Tons of cute little quirky cafes with things going on inside them such as indie film showings, downstairs sewing & offbeat poetry clubs.
·         Art galleries, museums of all kinds and exhibitions.
·         A library like the one in Beauty and the Beast.
·         Plenty of communities so like minded people could get together and enjoy themselves.
·         A mystical forest that could lead you to magical places!
·         Medieval fairs.
·         A travelling circus that came into town
·         And finally (+ most importantly), where everyone is treated equally & accepted for how they dress.

Of course you don't have to be nearly as complex when creating your own, mine serves as just a guide/ideas for you!

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