Style Tips: 18th Century Mortician

·         Cut your hair short & backcomb it.
·         Dye your hair jet black, blue black, deep purple or dark red.
·         Wear tailored black clothing.
·         Wear Winklepickers
·         Be mysterious. Keep to yourself. Have different friends in different places.
·         Keep a collection of strangely coloured potions and ointments in jars.
·         Have a few black and white striped vests
·         Own a pair of well fitting black gloves.
·         Speak properly. Take elocution lessons.
·         Read anatomy books.
·         Use syringe pens.
·         Read the horror versions of Pride and Prejudice & Sense and Sensibility.
·         Wear pale foundation & highlight your eyebrows
·         Wear dark eye make up & draw dark rings under your eyes. Tell people that in fact, you do not sleep at all.
·         Wear ruffled white shirts & jabots.
·         Own a tailcoat.
·         Have a healthy interest in taxidermy and preserving dead insects.
·         Design your own gravestones.
·         Keep a skull on your desk. Cover it in glitter or paint it bright red if you feel the need.
·         Take long walks through misty forests and mutter to yourself.
·         Hessian boots.
·         Take up a part time job at your local abattoir.
·         Watch zombie & other horror related films.
·         Practise being stealthy. Become a top tip-toer.
·         Observe people. People watch at cafes. Listen in to people's conversations.  
·         And be superstitious. Accuse people of being witches for everything imaginable

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