Artists I Would Recommend: Angelspit

Angelspit have to be one of my all time favourite bands, definitely in my top three, at least. They are a rockin' cyberpunk duo stemming from Sydney who have relocated to NYC (at least, I think, though it might just be DestroyX). They consist of ZooG ( the mega-synth & beep machines master) & DestroyX, lead vocalist. They've released four albums so far, and seem to have another one in the works. Angelspit are brilliant at fast releasing new material unlike a lot of other bands I like. Anyway, I'd have to say the latest album, Hideous and Perfect is my favourite so far.

You may also have seen my article a few months back in April, I went to see them live, and I have to say, it has been the best gig I have been to yet! It was a very intimate concert, but there was so much awesome energy in the crowd, the show really came alive, and it was just awe-inspiring hearing the songs at the volume they were at. If they play in a venue near you, go see them! I command you!

Aaand, the lead singer DestroyX (or Amelia Arsenic) has her own blog which I read religiously & she updates from time to time. She is one of my style icons, thus I think you know how much I'm going to recommend you read it also - she has a killer dress sense, takes wonderful photos & does brilliant projects in between. Amelia also sells her own jewellery which is insanely beautiful & if you love black/white/red colour schemes I am sure you will agree with me.

So if you're into angry, bass thumping electronic music, I reckon you should give these guys a listen! If you're after a few specific songs I'd recommend you listen to, Vena Cava was the very first song I listened to & I fell in love with them from there on in. Also, Princess Chaos, Head Kult, and Grind are some other favourites of mine. As ZooG, would say, ROCK!

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