The Atlantis Hotel, Paradise Island

Whew, finally! Now I've gotten round to write about this place! The Atlantis in the Bahamas is a stunning theme hotel which was introduced to me by my mother. Apparently it was on the news several years ago, but me being me, I only catch up on trends and happenings several years after they have happened or died a slow painful death. ANYWAY, as I was saying, this temple of magnificence takes residence fittingly on Paradise Island (there is also one in Dubai, however I haven't yet looked into that)

The reason I freaked out about it so much was because of its extensive water park, and equally stunning accommodation, as I have been on the hunt for the best theme hotels and inspiration for my own. Not to mention the fact it's set in the paradisiacal Bahamas to begin with. So when I saw this I thought - definitely this is the first place I'll be stepping out of my front door to go to when I am a gazillionaire. Oh yes, it most certainly is. I might go as far to say that it is the best theme hotel, but I'll let you make up your own minds. MAYNARD SAYS CHEW! Ahem, my apologies.

So, let me tell you a bit about the waterpark to begin with. 141 acres, 200 million gallons of water and a whole lot of fun, this is a mega water park bathed in the sunshine of the caribbean sun. Now funnily enough (thanks to Sandcastle at Blackpool on the Master Blaster, nearly broke my back - DO NOT GO unless you have a substantial amount of junk in the trunk) I have a fear of water slides, but for this place I am prepared to compromise. There are eleven pools in total throughout the water park, three of which are children's pools, and seven exhilarating water slides, most of which are built inside caves and parts of the temple. There's the Mayan temple slide which I have a picture of at the top of the page, which is basically this huge slide that plunges underground through an aquarium of sharks, the racing Challenger slide, the Abyss, the Surge, the Serpent Slide, the Falls and the Jungle slide. In addition to the many slides, there are the two river rides which are the relaxing Lazy River and the whopping mile long Current river which features extreme white water rapids, mysterious caves, and you access the Power Tower slides at the top of the Power Tower, as you are propelled up the tower while still swimming/floating happily in your dinghy in the water with water conveyors. Awesome!

As well as all that, you've got the aquariums to boot. The Marine Habitat is like a gargantuan aquarium with many different lagoons (Predator Lagoon is my favourite), the Dolphin Cay where you can swim with dolphins and seals and scuba dive amongst the ruins of Atlantis, and the Dig which is a themed underground walk through the streets and tunnels of the Lost City of Atlantis, and features sea life such as piranhas, jellyfish and lionfish.

Accommodation consists of six different buildings (as well as the option of hiring your own yacht), which are all really beautiful and imposing in their own rights Royal Towers, The Cove, Coral Towers, Beach Towers, Harborside Resort and The Reef (I plan to stay in the Penthouse Suite in this one), 40 eateries, bars and lounges to choose from including Japanese, Chinese, French, Italian, Ben & Jerry's, Starbucks and Johnny Rockets. There's also the AURA nightclub which is operated by PURE management which I am sure Gala Darling has talked about (she might have been to one of their clubs, not sure), it sounds worth going for a booty-shakin in, for it is rather large and has a shiny floor.

Aside from the resorts & water park you can go swimming with dolphins (yay!), interact with seals, go shark diving, scuba diving, drink twenty ice cold strawberry daquiris/pina coladas while reading your favourite book in the sunshine, walk on the beaches in your best sequinned bikini, go shopping in your grooviest sunglasses, go rock climbing, try your hand out at pottery, whoop your best friend/family/luvah luvah's ass at a game of tennis, go fishing, visit the library and the gamer's reef, have an alfresco massage while listening to the sounds of the ocean or have a Caribbean Coffee scrub scrub at the spa, watch a movie at the hotel's own cinema (!),  and of course you have the rest of the surrounding Bahamas & glorious ocean to explore. And if you're really swanky, you can go on a luxury yacht, which from what I have seen look fantastic, they have their own giant jacuzzis in them! Also musicians and bands such as Katy Perry, Justin Beaver/Bieber, Lady Antebellum and so on and so forth have recently performed here, so the likelihood is that you could also catch a concert too!

Overall I am totally flabbergasted such a place exists, and I get more impressed every time I read about it. What do you think, stitchearts? Yay or nay? Would you go, or would you rather stay at home and watch Family Guy?

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