Style Tips: Lolidreamer

·         Rosary beads
·         Black & white capelets
·         Learn how to do very detailed embroidery
·         Only eat sweet things. Pineapple cubes, gummy sweets, french fancies and little cakes, Pocky, chocolate truffles & Whirly pops, etc.
·         Learn that alone is ok. So is making unlikely friends.
·         Curl your hair & wear ribbons and hair bows.
·         Fake french nails/ridiculously over decorated fake nails
·         Act like a lady, don't get into fights, don't play boisterous games & deal with things in the girliest way possible. And scream at spiders.
·         Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty, Metamorphose, Sweet Rococo and Cosmates.
·         Accent your outfits with lots of pretty flowers for instance Baby's Breath and pink roses.
·         Read a lot & lose yourself in your own little world.
·         Pastel colours, pink, red, black and a lot of frills.
·         Visit beautiful theme restaurants/cafes with your best friend
·         Ride a pink scooter/bicycle
·         Fall in love with the Rococo era
·         Make having fun & being happy your aim in life
·         Wear knee high lacy socks.
·         Pearls
·         Give yourself a Japanese name
·         Get a part time job in a clothes shop you really like. Sometimes if you keep applying, if they have at first rejected you, they will realise you are serious & might give you the job.
·         Little lacy top hats & mini crowns
·         White & black fishnet/lace gloves
·         Crown themed jewellery
·         Read the Gothic Lolita bible
·         Black/white frilly blouse
·         Parasols.
·         Learn how to speak Japanese.
·         Have your own kimono.
·         Keep sweet little plushie toys with smiley kawaii faces.
·         Full bell skirts with pretty patterns!
·         Invest in a decent petticoat to fill your skirts out
·         Learn how to draw anime. 
·         Platform mary jane shoes. 
·         Try listening to some Japanese music such as Moi Dix Mois, Aural Vampire, Versailles, Dir en Grey etc. 
·         Ribbons, ribbons and more ribbons!
·         Collect pretty perfume bottles & Hello Kitty merchandise.
·         Have lots of long countryside walks in the sunshine.

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