20 Things to Make You Smile

Circuses, even twisted ones, are a place of amusement for at least, somebody. So smiling is essential here. If you're having a less than brilliant day today, here's a big list of things that will (hopefully) make you smile. Well, they make me smile. 

  1. The scene from the Mask where Stanley goes to see a psychiatrist about his problem. Oh, and the part where he makes balloon animals. If the link doesn't work just buy the film, it is hilarious. Jim Carrey is just so god damn funny!
  2. Record your conversations and slow them down or speed them up on your phone, or whatever electrical device you own that is capable,. If you still can't, buy a recorder.  This is really worth investing in.
  3. Hide somewhere, and jump out at someone. 
  4. Go trampolining. In a tutu.
  5. Chris Crocker.
  6. Watch people. Put a mental soundtrack to what they are doing. Or visualise them with Darth Vader capes on while they are walking around.
  7. Wear face paint and/or something very very sparkly. You can't sparkle, shine and not smile!
  8. Quote Willy Wonka all day, or pretend to be him.
  9. Get soaked with your clothes on. Go on water rides. Run through sprinklers. Go out in the rain. (be careful not to catch a cold, though!
  10. Greet people you see in the most twee manner you can manage. Smile maniacally. Observe their reactions.
  11. Meet new people. Lie about your name and what you do. Be as fruity as you like! For instance, your name is Zelda and you work at a chocolate factory. You're also fruitarian and believe that one day there will be a zombie apocalypse and that's why you're helping to build an underground base in Africa. You also have a cousin called Xenia.
  12. Play crazy competitive computer games with your friends (who have a sense of humour). Or tennis. Or 'don't drop the potato' with a ball.
  13. Oh, and watch Zoolander. And Anchorman. And Elvira. And Airplane. And Kung Fu Hustle. And Three Amigos!
  14. Choccywoccydoodah cakes. Heck, if you can go to one of their shops, go forth with thine friends!
  15. Uncyclopedia
  16. Scream/overreact at everything. Laugh at the confusion. 
  17. Do something that makes you nervous to the point of hysteria. When it's over, you'll be smiling and chattering like never before
  18. Watch Carry On movies (personal favourites? Carry On Screaming & Carry On Camping, though they are all potentially spiffy)
  19. Harry Hill's TV Burp
  20. Listen to Nicki Minaj's sillier songs. Or Shoes.