7 Rather Extraordinary Clowns

·         Mr Jelly

·         Jack the Clown

·         The Joker

·         Harley Quinn

·         Grudge the Clown (pretty much unknown in the scheme of things, but he was in Scare Kingdom Scream Park in Blackburn)

·         Mooky the Clown

·         That Clown from the Supernatural episode, Everybody Loves a Clown


  1. HARLEY QUINN! I love Harley! I was lucky enough to find a video in the op-shop that had Harley Quinn on the cover, next to the joker. The second episode is Harlequinade, which basically STARS her! When I got it I just kept watching it over and over because I love her so much!

  2. I love love love love her outfit(s). Especially in Batman Arkham Asylum.

  3. The one she is supposed to be wearing in: Batman Arkham City. Looks kinda crap, although she has a tattoo with Joker cards. http://www.harley-quinn.com/acharl.jpg