Artists I Would Recommend: Stolen Babies

If you're looking for a band that makes music that you would most likely hear at a deranged psychopathic circus or Cirque Du Freak, look no further because Stolen Babies are just what you're looking for!

Their music is labelled on Wikipedia as avant-garde metal & dark cabaret, but I would describe it as aggressive circus thrash metal (with a bit of accordion thrown in). This band inspired me to want to play the accordion - fo' serious! Leading Lady Dominique has a wonderfully deep voice which she not only sings, but shrieks/screams with. I am personally not much of a fan of screamo material, but she really is an exception to the rule. The songs are certainly not run of the mill, and each of them are really unique while still managing to sound dark & carnivale-esque.

So far Stolen Babies have only released one album, There Be Squabbles Ahead, which I personally think is a volume of pure genius & cannot wait for the next one. As for any other material, so far they have released a new song called Splatter which is on their Myspace page & have an Demo EP from 2002 which is sold at their official shop. My final verdict is that if you're a closeted circus freak or a lover of female fronted metal, you should definitely check them out.

Songs I Would Recommend You Listen To: Filistata, Tablescrap and Push Button.

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  1. That's choice as. I downloaded Tablescrap and Push Button, get the other songs laters.