An Introduction to Scare Attractions, Scare Kingdom and the Carnival of Screams

For those of you who don't know, simply put, a scare attraction is an entertainment venue designed to scare customers and it usually involves live actors. It can be a walk through maze or even involve running in a conga line through a corn field in the dead of night. The majority of these events happen on and around Halloween. All in all it is very exciting.

Scare attractions have, as of late, become one of my primary interests, mainly because I like immersing myself in things which are not real, and it is a perfect collaboration of that, plus horror. I used to quiver at the idea of Pasaje Del Terror and think 'Oh dear, I could NEVER go on that', even though I love being scared. Horror and scare attractions can be, and a lot of the time are, very interactive with you individually, and this is essentially what offputs people to begin with. It's pretty much like you being in a horror movie. Unless of course you would like to be a scare actor, in which case you then get to be the person who dresses up and does the scares. Both sides of the attraction are great to experience, and it is also my ambition to work in scare attractions at some point.

This year I surprise-visited Scare Kingdom Scream Park in Blackburn which was absolutely brilliant. More seasoned scare attraction visitors might not share my opinion, but I think that because this was my first time & I was SUPER nervous, the attraction was fairly intimate (we were in a group of about seven or eight), which is a lot smaller in comparison to mass scale events like Halloween Horror Nights. There were three parts to this attraction, the Unhallowed Hill which was a giant corn field we had to trek through as a group, the second was Hugo Tingler's Toy Factory, an abandoned toy factory themed maze where reject toys ran rampant screaming 'PLAY WITH ME!!' and squirted water in our faces, and finally there was the Hellfire Hall, another themed maze in which there was a strobe light room and a room with a drop down platform we had to stand on.

This event changed my whole opinion on scare attractions, I have to say. One tip I have picked up already from this one experience is that, obviously the back of the group is the worst place to be. Therefore it is the best place to be. The whole point of you going into a scare attraction is, of course, to narrowly escape from death by all manner of horrific characters, and being at the back amplifies that terror tenfold! So perhaps when you're feeling a bit braver, do brave the back as the actors will, most of the time, interact with you more.

Finally I wanted to talk about this year's Scarefest at Alton Towers. Did anybody go? I am a huge AT obsessive and have been since before I could speak, and I've never really looked into the Scarefest at Alton Towers until this year, because up until late I have been wary of going on scare attractions. However, if I had known beforehand they were doing a carnival type thing, I would have definitely been there. This year they had three mazes Terror of the Towers, and the Carnival of Screams. Also they have rooms you can book specially, named Scare Rooms, which sound great, (actually, pricey too) and hilarious from the videos I have seen on YouTube.

If you're interested, some other Halloween events & scare attractions which look awesome besides HHH at Universal Orlando are, Knotts Scary Farm, any and all productions done by Tom Spindler, Farmaggedon (!), Terenzi Horror Nights, Scaresville and Shocktober Fest Scream Park.

Over to you, dearest readers, what are your experiences/opinions on scare attractions?

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