Jack's Carnival of Carnage

I know I mentioned Jack the Clown already in my 7 Rather Extraordinary Clowns posts, but I have to say the Carnival of Carnage is one of the most spectacular (and shocking/horrifyingly convincing) evil carnival shows going I've seen. Watch part one and part two of one of the shows here!

Basically for those who don't know, Jack is a Halloween Horror Nights (a Halloween event at Universal Islands of Adventure in Orlando) icon that was invented for the event, a wicked murdering clown that has his own performing psychopathic circus (sound familiar?), which consists of himself and his three sidekicks Chance, Tiny and Dr Pinelli. They really went into detail with his character, and he has an in depth backstory which is also quite interesting to read.

During the show, Jack 'murders' people live on stage for the audience's entertainment using all manner of gruesome tools and contraptions. It is both terrifyingly realistic, but tinged with giggle-fit inducing humour at the same time, and it is really fantastically executed by all of the actors. Truly, it is one of those acts where you can believe what is taking place is real (I found myself cringing and muttering 'oh myyy gaad!' at the giant hammer part, as I watched the show, and that wasn't the only time!).

Sadly I missed seeing one of these shows live, which I imagine must have been fantastic. Universal have stated Jack is going to be on a break for a few years, but I certainly look forward to his return, and from what I have heard he is very popular among vistors anyway, so there should be no danger of him and his fabulously monstrous carnival vanishing forever.

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