Personalizing Your Pad: Cirque Psychotique Style

  • Jack in the Boxes
  • Striped wallpaper (red and black, red and yellow, green and black, purple and black, red and white, purple and white, white and black, anything you like!)
  • Giant birdcages (or small ones, if you prefer)
  • Miniature carousels
  • Striped or harlequin patterned curtains.
  • Old keys. You could have them dangling down from the ceiling.
  • Masks - venetian, cocktail, home made, full face etc. on the wall. Put clown noses on them.
  • Creepy paintings in elaborate frames/avant-garde wall art (for example Joker style graffiti-ed imagery) 
  • Potion bottles filled with bright liquids, glitter or fake body parts.
  • Even better, a home made Gladys portrait.
  • Home made scary dolls. Clown dolls are preferable.
  • Patterns are a must, and several if you're feeling brave enough. Damask, harlequin, stripes, spots, stars, zig zags, waves and  are what psychotic circuses are all about.
  • Vintage circus posters.
  • As are ventriloquist dummies. 
  • Giant lollipops and sweet jars filled with fake/real sweets. Fake tiered cakes of Choccywoccydoodah calibre. And giant popcorn bowls.
  • Old fashioned vintage chairs for your dolls to sit on. Rocking chairs.
  • Oil lamps (well, perhaps not real ones, but oil lamp inspired lights)
  • Kooky chandeliers
  • Multicoloured candles in votives. Or even hanging votives.
  • Fringed patchwork throws
  • Funhouse distorted mirrors
  • Model heads with crazy wigs on them.
  • Carnival paper triangle banners (pennants)
  • Playing cards strewn here, there and everywhere
  • Gramophone with an eerie record on repeat
  • Typewriters, with half written letters containing horrific death threats.
  • A big red accordion.
  • You could also theme your room to be like a life size dolls house (I shall do a separate post, on this I think)
  • Old dusty trunks.
  • Curly jewellery stands, with jewellery made from doll parts hung on it.
  • Coloured fairy lights hanging down on either side of your curtains (from the curtain rail)
  • Door facades like giant clown mouths
  • Circus style bed canopies
  • Vintage mannequins dressed in your best finery for you
  • Striped furniture in general.
  • Teacup display cabinet, tea cups and saucers & vintage tea pots
  • Carousel horse chairs
  • A corkboard with newspaper clippings/polaroid pictures/scary images
  • Giant quill pens in inkwells
  • Old books.
  • Tent your ceiling
  • Miniature animal statues
  • Fake/synthetic animal rugs & stuffed toy animal heads
  • Colourful door beads.
  • Secret doors. Doors that get smaller. Wonky doors. Maybe even have a stripy tunnel you can crawl through to get to another room.  
  • Oh, and giant bows wherever you can put them.


  1. Life-Sized Dollhouse?

    I LOVE the Plushkill Wall Hangings!

  2. Yes, I am currently writing a post about it right this moment. I was really enchanted by the idea when I read, a couple of months ago, about the Doll Factory at Knott's Scary Farm & there was a section in the maze where you walk through a giant makeshift doll's house.

  3. I wish I could live in a house like this...

    Did you actually ever use these pad tips yourself? Like, for your own room?

  4. Yes. In fact, I've crossed off quite a few on this list! If I could afford it, I would do my room up with *all* of these things right now.