Personalizing Your Pad: Giant Broken Doll's House

  • To begin with, everything has to be girly in colour and design. Think florals and pinks, cream, beige, white, lace, pastel hues in spring green, yellow and duck egg blue.
  • However, the whole doll's house colour scheme can work dark, too, as shown in the above picture, it really does all depend on your tastes. So if you prefer to have a deep colour scheme, you absolutely can!
  • Tea stain everything. Or dirty it, or tye dye it slightly grey. The longer you leave a stain in, the harder it is to remove. Make sure big, dark, scary stitching is visible somewhere in fabric
  • For wallpaper, a stained cream/pastel look, stripes in perhaps light coral pink and white, or dark damask/brocade. Steel beds with heart/flower designs with the paint chipping off.
  • Have lots of babyish drawings strewn around. Torn out pages from colouring-in books.
  • In fact, stick a lot of drawings on the walls. Handprints. And poetry. Terrible, juvenile poetry.
  • Children's books. And lots of them. You may have some old ones from when you were a child. Defile them psychotically.
  • CRAYONS! (they deserve their own bullet point)
  • Plastic chairs with cutesy designs (for instance little missing hearts)
  • Lots and lots and lots of stuffed animals. Some missing arms, some spattered with blood, some home made.
  • Dolls faces. Everywhere. On the walls. Sewn into your clothes. On lamp shades. Cushions. Curtains.
  • Lots of dolls parts, too, arms and legs. Tie them to the end of light switch pull-strings.
  • A wardrobe of garish doll and gory Lolita-esque clothing
  • Take inspiration from the Doll Factory at Knott's Scary Farm.
  • Life size marionettes/puppet strings.
  • False white picket fences around the outside of your room.
  • Fake windows, that has an outside scene painted in it with a dark figure in the distance.
  • Have a bed like a life sized doll box.
  • Record yourself giggling like a lunatic, speed it up and have it as your permanent ambient background sound.
  • Giant home made dolls sitting in rocking chairs
  • Alphabet blocks spelling out 'Kill her/him'
  • Bunny masks. And bunny ears.
  • Stripy stockings pinned to the walls
  • Have a tea party set in the corner (little plastic table & chairs, teacups, saucers, spoons, pretend cake stands) & have stuffed toys sat in the chairs. Talk to them & feed them.
  • Hang headless barbies from the ceiling
  • Doilies and random scraps of lacy material.
  • Dim chandeliers, rusty looking if possible.
  • A rocking horse
  • Plastic furniture in general.


  1. I love these things as well as Style Tips because I can just take the things I like from it and leave as is or build on it. Sometimes I get completely different ideas from lists like these.

  2. Awesome! I am so glad they are of use to you. And really the whole point of these lists are just to give you ideas, so again, that is absolutely great! :)