Style Tips: Broken Doll

·        Teach yourself how to walk like a broken doll. The Doll Factory Diva/the Girl from Knott’s Scary Farm is an amazing, amazing, amazing example of this.
·        Painted on mouth stitches
·        Big stained hairbows & alice bands
·        Doll pout lips. Colour in your lips with white foundation, and paint tiny lips in the middle of your own.
·        Torn white lace tights
·        Bloodstained/teastained floral cardigans
·        Elaborate curly hair
·        Bunches/pigtails and crazy girly bobbles
·        Little bow clips
·        Pink/red circles on your cheeks
·        Wear false eyelashes on your bottom lid
·        Stripy tights
·        Speak in a high pitched squeaky voice. Giggle.
·        Carry a creepy doll/soft toy with you permanently.
·        Mary Jane shoes
·        School shoes
·        T-Bar shoes
·        Draw spooky children’s drawings
·        Skip everywhere
·        White/bright blue contact lenses
·        Patchwork skirts/shirts
·        Gurololi dresses and huge white petticoats
·        Knee high bow socks with missing holes & stains
·        Giant black eyelashes
·        White foundation
·        Torn white/nude lace gloves
·        Pearl/toy bracelets, the kind you find in children’s pretend jewellery sets
·        Enquire where your mother is. A lot.
·        Live in a giant dolls house
·        Have a tea party with all your best home-made dolly friends
·        Baby pink, yellow and baby blue corsets
·        Balloon, bow, teddy and flower printed fabric
·        Damaged/worn lace ankle socks
·        Dungarees with mismatching fabric patches
·        Doll parts in your hair
·        Tea stained, lace trimmed shrugs
·        Sew dolls faces on patches into your tops
·        Doll part jewellery (arms & legs)
·        Dirtied tutus with patches of other fabric (for example stripes) sewn onto it
·        Frayed hair ribbons
·        Draw cracks on your arms and legs
·        Tarnished heart lockets
·        Keep a scary diary
·        Cracked porcelain look face mask
·        Frilly aprons
·        Painted on ventriloquist’s dummy jaw
·        Dark teary, dripping eye make up
·        Painted on freckles
·        White out your eyebrows & paint another pair higher up on your forehead
·        Suck your thumb
·        Carry a fake broken lollipop
·        Torn bloomers
·        Girly parasols/umbrellas with stains, fabric missing & ribbon wrapped around the structure


  1. Do you know where my mummy is?

  2. Nice!This is actually a great idea for next Halloween!

  3. Psssh... this look does not wait for halloween, tis for whenever it pleases. By the way, have you seen my mummy?

  4. She's in the audience. Go and find her!