Style Tips: Dark Circus Dreamer

©      Wear very long tie on bustles
©      Corsets, in jewel tones and stripes/pinstripe
©      Wear miniature top hats with fishnet veils
©      Keep exotic pets like tarantulas, parrots & monkeys.
©      Have a talent for getting crowds going. Work on your booming voice and be very expressive.
©      Develop a extrovert character. You can’t be a circus showgirl/showboy if you aren’t showy!
©      Take up trapeze or aerial lessons. Go to a circus workshop.
©      See a Circus of Horrors show.
©      Learn how to juggle
©      Long satin/leather gloves
©      You can never have too much glitter.
©      Crazy false eyelashes.
©      Clown style make up.
©      Beetlejuice pants.
©      Tailcoats.
©      Learn how to use a whip.
©      Be wild and laugh uproariously.
©      Listen to the Dresden Dolls, Circus Contraption, the Tiger Lilies & the Stolen Babies
©      Poofy bloomers worn as outerwear.
©      Huge crazy cocktail rings & multicoloured nails.
©      Mime styled eyeliner.
©      Cut up different pairs of pants and sew mismatching pant legs back together.
©      Backcomb your hair and make it into an afro. Then dye it either baby blue or pink so that it looks like candyfloss.
©      Leotards. Spandex, polka dot, stripy, tiger stripes, whatever appeals to you!
©      Waistcoats. Military, pinstripe, victorian looking.
©      Old fashioned lace up boots.
©      Huge glittery platform shoes.
©      Stripy and star patterned tights.
©      Don’t be afraid of clowns. Fall in love with them.
©      Harlequin patterns.
©      Take inspiration from Dominique Lenore Persi, Jack the Clown, the Joker & Harley Quinn.
©      Learn how to make your own candyfloss/popcorn.
©      Volunteer to help out at a travelling circus/carnival.
©      Brightly coloured tutus.
©      Vibrant masquerade masks with feathers a plenty.
©      Paint on little cheek circles.
©      Wear a ruff. Or a miniature jester hat.
©      Crazy Dame Edna & novelty/oversized sunglasses.
©      Bow ties, baby. And GIANT hair bows.
©      Keep a pack of cards in your bag with you.

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