Style Tips: The Joker

§       Own a long purple trenchcoat/tailcoat. Make your own, if you can, to give it a more personal touch.
§       Learn how to sew.
§       Creatively vandalise magazines and newspapers
§       Acquire a typewriter
§       Create ransom notes with magazine cutouts
§       Join the circus. Learn a talent that will get you in one.
§       Learn how to play poker
§       Keep a packet of playing cards handy. Should anyone ask for your number, hand them a card
§       Wear a wallet chain.  
§       Anonymously ring your peers. Laugh down the line and hang up.
§       Find someone you both idolise and despise. Conspire to torment them.
§       Wear checkered socks. Or make your own out of random squares of fabric.
§       Watch/read the news. Observe the world in all its ridiculous glory.
§       Go with the flow. Don’t try and schedule your whole life. Allow for some spontaneity.
§       Vandalise magazines.
§       Keep awesome things under your trenchcoat
§       Be impossible to contact.
§       Start a collection of waistcoats.
§       Encourage your friends to wear clown masks.
§       Wear face paint. It doesn't have to be exactly like the Joker's.
§       Keep all manner of crazy instruments at hand. By instruments, I mean glitter guns, bubbles, giant inflatable hammers, flags, horns (for tooting!) etc.
§       Accent your outfits with card/dice accessories. Or attach real cards.
§       Wear leather/suede gloves
§       Bright red lipstick
§       Answer questions with questions.
§       Make no sense. Laugh at the confusion of others.
§       Be whimsical.
§       Wear stripy tights. Bonus points for tears & bloodstains.
§       Read the Ha Ha Ha Times
§       Leave secret messages and clues to be deciphered.
§       Never stay in one place too long.
§       Keep a collection of timers and clocks
§       Sing Poker Face. In the middle of the street.
§       Draw smiley faces wherever you can (on the condensation on bus windows!)
§       Read some of the Batman comics. The Killing Joke is a good one.
§       Listen to Oingo Boingo, Michael Hedstrom and the Stolen Babies
§       Be on TV. Or the radio. Or Youtube.
§       Dye your hair a wacky colour. Badly.
§       Practise your spontaneous story telling skills. Make up fantastical nonsense.
§       Make home videos. Scary ones.
§       Let your hair dry naturally and don't brush it (much). In my experience, this is the best way to get messy hair.
§       If you see someone you know while out and about, explain that you are on day release with your nurses.
§       Acquire good wit. This could mean reading up on some good jokes, watching some comedians like Eddie Izzard, Peter Kay, Matt Lucas, Russel Brand or just seeing humour in things generally.
§       Make your own straight jacket. Wear it to bed.
§       Write your own twisted versions of nursery rhymes/classic poems.
§       Observe the city from high places.
§       Record yourself laughing. Make a song out of it.
§       Subscribe to the Joker blogs.
§       Most importantly? Be who you are. Be individual. Stand up for what you believe in. Do not fade away as just another statistic


  1. Oh by the way, when you announced that you were getting rid of the other blog and the other posts had been deleted, I still had a tab open with some of the posts still there and I saved them onto my computer so I could still read them. Hope you don't mind??

  2. Of course not! As with this one, some may pop up again that have been improved on.

  3. Oh I was wondering do you think you are going to play DCU online when it comes out? Because you can work for the Joker.

  4. Definitely! Thanks for telling me about DCU, I had no idea what it was.