Current Obsessions: Contact Lenses

Contact lenses - a continual debate. I've been dying to try them for ages, however I have pretty much ok vision & am still a bit tentative about risking my own eyesight for fashion. Have any of you had past experiences with these? I mean, they look fantastic and jeffing scary in a lot of cases (which is what I'm going for most of the time, anyway), but I've heard a couple of horror stories involving these. One was where apparently my uncle's eye locked up into his head. Eep.

To be honest though, after reading over the first paragraph again, I don't think it is enough to put me off actually trying. I've seen too many people wear them without any apparent problems, so in the future I might get some and tell you all about it, in the event you guys ever want to try wearing them.

I think the one thing that is emphasised most about contact lenses is you have to be meticulously clean while putting them on & taking them off, which is obvious really, as you are dealing with your eyes. That and it is extremely easy to damage/scratch your eyes if you aren't careful. The other thing that gets me about lenses is actually having to pinch them off your eyeball to get them out!

Here's a good tutorial I found on Youtube for anyone who is also interested in trying them out.


  1. I want to get some, more particularly coloured circle lenes and full black ones. I'd rather get ones online than cheap ones at a shop. I need to visit an optometrist where I live if I want to get any novelty lenses, but even if I get them online I will go anyway to find out my lenses size and ask about them.

  2. Interesting! Yes, I shall have to ask about lense sizes also.

  3. I've worn contact lenses - just normal colored ones - for a while and I'll have to say it, putting them on is SO MUCH HARDER than taking them out. My only horror story with them includes being really tired and rubbing my eyes - I forgot I was wearing them. The next second, I stare at the mirror with different colored eyes. I eventually found the missing blue contact almost in the back of my eye, kinda scary.

    That, and they made my eyes burn, really. But I know people who wear them everyday and have no problems, so, it might just have been me. :)


    PS - Also, found you through Pinterest, we've got quite a bit of interests in common!

  4. Hi there Anna Raffaella! Gosh that sounds scary. I would hate to have to fish around the back of my eye to find a lense!

    I have heard from a friend that they burn, too so maybe it happens to everyone for a while?

    Also, I noticed you on Pinterest & thank you so much for following me! It's awesome we have interests in common (I've seen your Marie Antoinette, Eerie Frenzies and Bootcamp boards, they're awesome!)