New Ahht & Cirque Pin Up Girl No.5

As you can see it's all booty this week. I had a go at making some circus posters, which weren't as good as I envisioned them in my head, nevermind, I'll get round to making some that are. Right at this very moment as I am sat here typing, I am colouring in the above picture which should be up soon hopefully.

What else is new? Oh yeah, we went to Hadfield last Sunday, but to be honest it was super quiet (expected), and far too much like where we live which isn't a surprise really. Someone in our family also starred in League of Gentlemen (my grandma's cousin or something along those lines, John Flanagan?) which also is not a surprise. 
League of Gentlemen does seem very familiar to my life.
And I am sure everyone who lives around here shares that opinion.

Anyway, who cares. It's coming on in May - I can't wait for the next series of Psychoville! Anyone else watching? 

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  1. I want the hair of all your circus pin-up girls soo bad. When I'm rich I'll just comission a bunch of wigs from someone.