February Goals

Hello Stitchearts and welcome to February! Sorry I haven't been as updaty as normal. For the beginning of the month, I have noticed although I have been quite productive, I know I definitely could be more productive as goes for most people, so I've compiled a necessary list of stuff I am going to do this coming month of stripy love. Planning makes me so excited!

  • More artwork/fashion design hybrids
  • Make dolls
  • Finish disco shoes
  • Finish skirt
  • Do t-shirt designs
  • Experiment in jewellery
  • Write story
  • Write more in general
  • Continue with accordion practise
  • Maybe even start violin practise again
  • Do some more fashion projects & collages
  • Continue with photography
  • Start joining some groups
  • Write letters on Valentine's day
What are your plans for this month?

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