Things Worth Going Squared Eyed For: Big Fat Gypsy Weddings

I don't entirely agree with the ethics/morals of some of 'gypsy ways' portrayed, but I think this show is highly entertaining, over the top and probably completely unrealistic for most of the travelling population. But let's not get onto the serious side of it - it shows the wackiest dresses I've ever seen and I am starting to think I would wear some of them all the time if I could. Especially this one.

Basically it's near madness, and that is why I recommend it. I think it is nice that there are still some people out there that are prepared to have extravagant insanity at their weddings. The travellers featured don't really live up to the (stereotyped) vision of Esmerelda-ish travelling gypsies who read fortunes I had, but the show is extremely interesting all the same. Also I am a sucker for the aesthetics of wedding related things. So if you are too, watch it here! The first series has finished already but you can watch some episodes on 4oD online.

Can't wait for the Christmas series!

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