Twisted the Clown Daily Outfit

Latest LPDU. However this wasn't on a Saturday, I think it was on a Thursday. That's why I have renamed LPDU Saturday's to just LPDU. Dressing up just happens. I think that this had a bit of a piratey feel to it with the belt and all. I've only just noticed how versatile my purple shirt is. Purple shirt power!

This outfit consists of my purple shirt (my father's old one which he hated wearing for some reason), black jeans, black flat buckle boots from Dorothy Perkins, stripy scarf belt and a black full back satin waist corset.

I ordered some black contact lenses today so I might be able to give you guys a review of what it's like to wear them in the coming weeks! (*is nervous*). Hope you all had a great Friday!


  1. I love the outfit! (P.S this is formerly Miss Mulligrubs formerly Disco Boots)