Artists I Would Recommend: Nicki Minaj

I am really not much of a fan of rap. But as I have gone along in this strange little journey of self discovery, I have been open to listening to a lot of things.

Nicki Minaj is the (most recent) exception to the rule. For some reason I am addicted to her stuff! It might be her absurd sense of humour, or the tunes she uses, but she has certainly convinced me she is the baddest in the game, as she calls it. I am really not too into the prolific vagina references, because I really think it does nothing for her (except demean her, which is apparently the complete opposite what she's going for).

She has been called the Lady Gaga of hip hop due to her quirky songwriting and style, which I think she has earned. I must say she has worn many a pair of shoes I would personally love to own. (also I think she pulls off the dip dye hair look pretty well here) So basically, I like her because she is somebody else who likes dressing up, and  However, like all rap, expect some typical pretty degrading stuff whilst listening.

So anyway, songs I would recommend you listen to by her? I think the first thing I listened to by her might have been Check it Out. Or Massive Attack. Well, they are good starting songs. Check it Out has a more poppy feel while Massive Attack is a bit whacko, & that's why I like it. Also Itty Bitty Piggy, Gettin' Paid and her collaboration Christina Aguilera are just as addictive.

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