How to Have a Wraith Absinthe Cocktail Party

Ok, I have a bit of an obsession with wraiths and the undead. So much, I decided to invent a celebration in their honour.

Behold! The Wraith Absinthe Cocktail Party is born! I have no idea where the idea for this came from, I think it was the emalgamation of my fascination with SATC, Th13teen, LOTR, themed parties and oddly coloured cocktails. It's like SATC for the undead.

Anyway, I have written a detailed plan of how I imagine them to be, and I am sharing it with you all for you to have one too, if you like.

Wraith inspired artwork by me!

Dress code

·         Dress up as wraiths (kind of important)
·         Or wear long dark, raggedy and torn clothing with a hood that obscures your eyes
·         Black and white striped tights stained with green.
·         Masks made from dark branches 
·         Skeletal, pale face make up
·         Very light eye contacts
·         Maybe even Grudge type make up, corpse like & blue skinned
·         Bones (fake!) coming out of your skin
·         Hollowed, dark eye make up 
·         Dark green velvet/bottle green taffeta
·         Black beads
·         Cigarette holders
·         Bone themed jewellery
·         Black lace underbust corsets
·         Branches in your hair
·         Bone print gloves & tights
·         Team Wraith!


·         A giant black and green stripe tiered cake.
·         Th13teen cupcakes.
·         Absinthe cocktails of many varieties.
·         Any drinks that are green, actually. (limeade, green grape juice, Creme de Menthe, Chartreuse)
·         Skull truffles.
·         Branch, leaf & tree shaped finger food/biscuitry
·         Liquorice macaroons
·         Death in the afternoon
·         Green Ghoul

Settings & decor

·         Dry ice & dimmed lights!
·         Cobwebs
·         Green fairy lights
·         Big branches
·         Black lanterns with green flamed candles inside 
·         Delapidated haunted house. Peeling wallpaper. Scary portraits.
·         Black and white damask/brocade wallpaper
·         Black baroque frames 
·         Black chandeliers/candelabras
·         Striped wallpaper stained with black/green
·         The scent of cade oil (it really reminds me of haunted houses!) 
·         Trails of fake ivy/leaves
·         Green candles
·         Highly elaborate gothic goblets
·         Cups that look like they are made from tree bark

Music & visuals

·             The Well by Hans Zimmer
·             Disney's Haunted House
·             The Grudge theme song
·             Dead Silence theme song
·             Wraithmarsh music
·             Ghost Master Astral music
·             Ghost Master Map OST
·             Ghost Master Ghoul Room
·             Darkwood
·              The Haunted House (Alton Towers)
·             Dark Forest ambient music (pretty essential, this one!)
·             My Wraithspiration board on Pinterest!
·             Minas Morgul
·             Th13teen post watershed ad

The interior of the haunted house at Alton Towers.

Any activities would probably be along the lines of talking about the afterlife and telling ghost stories, reading scary poetry, ouija boards, and going down to the woods.