Start!: Wearing Colour Contact Lenses

I have wanted to wear coloured contact lenses for ages. They look so impressive upon the eyes of faux vampire brides and supernatural demons and they really give an outfit some extra oomph. However they carry a risk that you're got to be sure you're willing to take in order to wear them. Everyone is precious about their eyes and don't want to damage them. From this experience I have extracted that as long as you are thorough with your hygiene and cleansing of the lenses and their containers - everything should be fine.

I finally got up the courage to make a definite decision I was really going to try lenses about a month ago and purchased some black Mesmereyez lenses from Chaotic Clothing. Before attempting to put these in I thoroughly researched how to do it, looking at VideoJug and what have you, videos on Youtube of people putting lenses in and taking them out. I kept trying and trying with no avail and was absolutely convinced I wasn't going to do it. Well, you know what? I finally managed to do it! It took me roughly 4 or 5 weeks of inconsistent trying - I probably could have done it much faster if I had actually tried day after day & figured out what the best way for putting them in was. But anyway, I have got to say - putting them in was flicking hard! I tried leaning over the contact & not using a mirror & having a relative tell me to look into the centre of the contact (didn't work, needless to say) I eventually ended up being able to do it stood upright, with my head up in front of the bathroom mirror.

I find that a mirror, alone, with plenty of light was the best option for me, as I found having someone direct me extremely frustrating, because I couldn't control my eyes flickering and shutting before I had chance to do what I wanted with the contact, and it didn't help not being able to see. I succeeded in both putting in and taking out very rapidly without any assistance.

After meticulously cleaning both the lense, container and my hands, I continually attempted to put the lense in the bottom of my eye with the middle finger of my right hand by holding my lower eye lid down and looking up, (however I did look at my eye until I had gauged the right position over my actual iris). I pushed the lense into the bottom of my eye. Speed is crucial here, as is not looking down once it is in the bottom of your eye. Once you have actually pushed it in, pull your finger out, don't panic. Try to look down. 
And keep blinking until it is in place. I panicked a bit on my left lense because I thought I had put it in weird, but after repeated blinking it just centred the lense into the middle, like magic. You may notice that your eyes start getting stingy when you are trying to put them in - this is why being quick is important, however you will get faster at putting them in when you get used to it.

Before you do all this, it is crucial to know that you MUST get used to just going near your eye, to begin with, I couldn't even get it near my eyes. I practised prodding the bottom part of my eye (this isn't really sensible) once or twice. I had this expectation that it was going to be that easy just getting the lense as close to my eye as the people in the tutorial videos did - of course, not so!

The key thing with this is patience - really. You definitely need to take time outs regularly when trying this, and remember why you want to do it. While it may seem like a good idea, it is a nerve wracking and anxiety inducing activity. The negatives outweighed why I wanted to do this and I stopped doing it for a while. All progress is good progress - even if you only get the lense to touch the bottom of your eye.

The main fear I had when doing this was the unsurety of what was going to happen when the contact lense got into my eye. The panic prevented me from letting it get fully onto my eye. Was it going to hurt? Was it going to burn? Was my eye going to go into a frenzy? When I took the leap of faith, my anwer was no - it slid on like a glove and it didn't burn at all, albeit I was blinking a little more often. It was awesome.

They are extremely comfortable - and I am so shocked that they are after all I have heard about the burning and the horror stories about people's eyes freaking out and locking up in the backs of their heads. But I can honestly say to you - I am not a contact lense wearer, and I am exceptionally anxious about ANYTHING getting near my eyes - and I swear - once you get it in, it just feels like nothing is there. Perhaps it is the thickness of prescription lenses that makes them uncomfortable?

Contact lenses do make your eyes dehydrated, so don't panic if you notice they're getting a bit stingy - you probably haven't got anything seriously wrong. (If they do go red - remove the contacts immediately and cleanse your eye with solution. If the redness persists - go see your doctor as this could be serious)

Anyway. The only unpleasant part about this whole experience was getting them out which also required a bit of practise, and there was an element of panic as it had to happen. I had to keep sliding the lense down, which did hurt a little as at one point I dragged the lense, which was very thin, right down to the bottom of my eye as far as it would go. As it adhered very well to my eyeball, it hit the bottom of my eye and stung quite a bit, as I was also struggling to grip it with my fingers to get it out. I did eventually manage to get them out by only pulling them down slightly (not all the way to the bottom) and kept repeatedly trying to grip it with my index finger and thumb.

I then popped them in their cases which were ready with solution and they are now in storage until tomorrow when I will wear them again. In total, I wore them for just over an hour as I think it is sensible to give your eyes time to adjust to the lenses dehydrating your eye, and apparently your eye will start producing more fluid and that is also why you should drink water while they're in (according to my mother who wore them for 15 years, instead of glasses). Another reason to drink more water?

Anyway, that was my experience with contacts, and I have got to say - I am so pleased and excited with the result. I was over the moon when I managed to get one in - and I can't wait to try all the other cool and crazy designs out there!

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