I am something of an Asian/Japanese horror obsessive, mostly because I like Japanese things & I find female ghosts with long black hair, dark eyes and blue/deathly pale skin terrifying. So I've been getting into watching a lot of Asian and J-Horror films lately. Anyway, I've made a list (you know how we do) of the best, in my opinion, and so here are my recommendations so far from what I have watched.
  • A Tale of Two Sisters. I also like the remake, the Uninvited, but I don't think it is nearly as scary as the original. Especially in the floating-corpse-bed-dream scene. Eek!
  • Ringu
  • The Ring.
  • The Grudge (some may argue that Ju-On is better, and while I agree that the storyline may be better, I am a sucker for the special effects & make up in this case, as in the American version the quality is vastly improved. Kayako looks roughly about 18x creepier than in the original. Also I should note this movie scarred me for life. Although I did watch it when I was quite a bit younger)
  • The Grudge 2
  • Shutter (2004 movie). I also like the 2008 American remake of this one, but this has to be possibly the scariest freakin' film I've ever seen & the remake isn't nearly as jump out of your skin-y as this movie.  
  • Dark Water (American remake)
  • One Missed Call (American remake. I'm almost certain the original is better - the actors seem insanely stupid in some parts)
One thing I have noticed after watching all of these movies is that they borrow scenes from each other so much, that similar features & scenes keep popping up in the separate movies. I know I have left off a lot of obvious movies like Audition/Infection/Marebito, and I have only recently started dedicating the time to start watching some good horror again - so I have made a 'to watch' list.

But what about you dearies? Do you like horror movies? J-Horror? Which are your favourites & what do you recommend? What movies scared the crap out of you? Post and tell!

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