Style Tips: Dr Facilier/the Shadow Lady

  • Scruffily finished purple/black tank tops.
  • Learn about Voodoo. And Hoodoo.
  • Psychadelic Dia De los Muertos-esque face paint (however this does seem to be a magical illusion)
  • Alligator tooth necklaces
  • Customised black top hat. With a skull and crossbones, feather & a red sash tied around it.
  • Speak with a Southern american accent. Like you're from New Orleans.
  • Be good friends with your own shadow.
  • Scary tribal masks.
  • Voodoo dolls, quirky tribal charms & shrunken heads (they don't have to be real. I personally wouldn't be too keen on having a real one)
  • Learn how to read tarot & be skilled with your hands.
  • Be charismatic & easygoing. Be a charmer.
  • Black and white pointy brogues.
  • Purple tailcoat, preferrably with an interesting pattern.
  • Half venetian mask which looks like a skull.
  • Get into doing magic. Learn a few interesting tricks.
  • Have big, dark hair, like Prince. Which you can conveniently hide underneath your top hat.
  • You could also dye your hair to have a funky sheen to it. Like black blue, very dark red, dark purple or maybe even dark green.  
  • Make this/this your theme song.
  • Skinny, skinny, skinny pants! In black/purple.
  • Draw on a long fake mustache. Or wear one. They seem to be quite in at the moment, fake mustaches.
  • Have your own voodoo den/magic emporium.
  • Cane/walking stick. With either a scrying crystal or a skull on the top.
  • Thick red belts.
  • Dr Facilier cosmetics from MAC Venemous Villains
  • Bright purple/lilac contact lenses. He has violet eyes!
  • Oh, and don't be afraid to break into song/dance. It's conditional of being a Disney character.

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