Artists I Would Recommend: Lady Gaga

Since late 2008/early 2009, the world has been swept by the Gaga. There is no doubt about it, Lady Gaga is extremely talented. And I have totally fallen for her as an artist. I now consider her possibly my idol, next to Papa Lazarou and that (nobody comes before the villains). Not just because of her musical talent, mind. She has a good heart and treats her fans nicely like a superstar should - they got you where you are. And she dresses up like a maniac all the time and her shoes are killer. That I admire.

Lady Gaga does the best kind of pop music - electronic. I think the first song I heard of her's was Poker Face . So I moved on from that and started listening to her other songs such as Paparazzi, Just Dance, and thought hey! This Lady Gaga's pretty darn good at making music. I think I'll buy The Fame album. And it's been a flat out love affair since. She even inspired me to start playing the piano early last year, which would have continued had the tutor been reliable, but ah well.

Anyway, Gaga incorporates some really brilliant tunes into her music, and I think most of the songs she writes are worthy of becoming singles. (I am still in shock she never released anything else on the Fame or the Fame Monster? Teeth - not a single? Are you kidding me?!)
So I'd say she has a definite knack for writing fantastically catchy pop.

I hope she goes as far as she can, I really do. It is really refreshing to see someone who actually appreciates their fans. And from what I have discovered of the Lady G, (since I don't know her personally) she deserves all the success she gets. So - I'd recommend her? Hell yes. What would I recommend? Hmm, just about everything. Teeth gets a special mention at this moment in time because I am obsessed with it again, but almost all of her stuff (even her archaic releases like Then You'd Love Me) is completely loveable.

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