Artists I Would Recommend: Qntal

Qntal (I think you say it, kahn-tal) are a neo-medieval type electronic band from Germany who I fell in love with a couple of years ago. Out of all the medieval influenced bands I have listened to yet, these are the best. Helium Vola next.

Qntal have the ability to create music which is extremely catchy like pop, but as if it was made in the medieval era. Also all of their music is in German language, which I also think is an interesting and fantastic feature, as I am trying to learn it, and, well, it sounds cool. (there's my profound reason haha). Syrah also has a really stunning operatic voice. So yes, Qntal for me - 10/10, especially when I feel like having a magical medieval fairy dress up day.

Songs I would recommend you listen to? Ecce Gratum, Flamma, Dulcis Amor, Cupido, Am Morgen Fruo Remix and All for One (this was the first one I ever listened to). Also, the albums Illuminate & Qntal IV: Ozymandias are the best ones so far, in my opinion.


  1. They sound very pretty. It's amazing how they combine pop and opera-ish medieval.

  2. Ooo I've been looking for new (new-to-me) music lately. I'll give them a try. ^_^

  3. I looove Qntal!
    I saw them live last year and they were simply fantastic. If you get the chance to see them in concert, just go. You won't regret it.

  4. SaryWalrus - I know. It's awesome how diverse music can be haha!

    Meg - Yes! Definitely :)

    Xanthy - Yay! Ooh okay, I was wondering how they were live. Thanks!