Circus of Horrors Review

Many a Sunday ago, we went to watch Circus of Horrors in Blackpool. Naturally I've wanted to watch it for a while (given its name incorporates both circus and horror), so I went into the theatre with an open mind.

After seeing shows in Blackpool for a while, I have cottoned on to the way so many well publicized shows use 'audience guests' that are really just cast members. It irritates and humours me that show producers honestly think the crowd are going to believe a fellow crowd member will be just conveniently wearing velcro based clothing which the performers can just rip off - without any kind of resistance, attach you to a wheel, then spin you naked while having daggerst thrown at you - and being completely ok with it. Of course, that really is your everyday show scenario.

Also, it amused me how short clips shown on the screens showed the menu selection after finishing. Classy. It is a shame, because asides all this tackiness, I was thoroughly impressed by the acrobats, the young lady who was a contortionist that burst a balloon by shooting a bow and arrow upside down with her feet(!), the couple who whipped celery into bits, and the rollerblading pair who were brilliant beyond words to watch - all of these were absolutely fantastic. The other musicians (aside from the ringmaster) were also extremely talented at the instruments they were playing.

Overall rating: 5/10. Mediocre. It was an ok night out. Not really a Circus of Horrors - more circus of some actual talent - hidden under a bad facade of poor classic-hard-rock-wannabe singing, unnecessary tit flashing and adult themes, plus pointless time wasters (such as rib grabbing) which dampened what could have been an exceptional performance.

You know what? I would recommend you go to the Tower Circus over this - for one, they sell more than just crap lollies at the concessions, on top of the promise of being a decent show.

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