Creative Mishmash!: Latest Art, Photography & Polyvore Stuff

For my first post in this marvellous month of Easter, I present to you a creative mishmash update! Welcome to April my stitchearts! I hope you're all doing well.

Anyway, latest art goes here, right? I was wrapping up my art project so here is what I have left of it to show you. Hopefully from now it will all be fanart... or whatever interests me.

This is a mock up for my finished Twisted & Papa piece I posted a while back.

Reproductions of some of Victoria France's Misty Circus pieces. You should check her out - she is a fabulously gothic artist!

And onto the Very Sparse Polyvore update
Also, here some of my photography which I have never posted & have yet to catch up on (well, the best picks out of all of them so far)


  1. Why you draw so good?

    Why you so amazing?