Extraordinary Easter (Hop Inspired!) Hamper Ideas

Last Saturday, I watched the new movie Hop, and I was blown away by the fabulously extravagant easter hampers left by the easter bunnies - it had to be one of the highlights of the film for me. I immediately wanted to make some for the people I know! They are so much cooler looking & substantial than an expensive store bought egg (plus it doesn't have to be expensive at all, as it can be as big as you want & all handmade).

  • Rainbow/pastel hue straw picnic basket
  • Multicoloured shredded paper/coloured tissue paper
  • Ribbons! Ribbons! Ribbons
  • Giant whirly lollies
  • Foil wrapped chocolate eggs of every size imaginable.
  • Glitter eggs
  • Real eggs dipped in food dye (to give lovely coloured hues to them!)
  • A crown made out of Jelly tots
  • Soft toy bunnies/chicks/ducks. Beanie babies.
  • Hollowed out eggs with art painted onto them
  • Rainbow cupcakes/layer cake (maybe with a fake little yellow chick on top) - you know the score!
  • Candyfloss cupcakes - vanilla flavoured cupcakes with blue/pink food colouring, vanilla buttercream with your desired colour, pink/blue spogs and some candyfloss of your chosen colour.
  • Lemon, pistachio, coffee, rose flavoured Macarons
  • Pretty pastries. Like beignets (oh, you're right! I am obssessed with PATF! I'm sorry!)
  • Chocolate dipped strawberries
  • Polka dot tea cup filled with jelly beans.
  • Chocolate/sprinkle covered apples
  • Australian fairy bread
  • Peeps/marshmallows
  • Obligatory chocolate cornflake nests with mini eggs.
  • Daisy chains, bunny ears & flowery head wreaths
  • Strawberry cheesecake in the shape of a flower (bake it in a flower shaped baking tin)
  • Rabbit animal masks
  • Little old fashioned jars of sweets
  • Pink lemonade in potion bottles tied with pink ribbon
  • Those cute chocolate bunnies (most typical ones are Lindt) wrapped in foil. (Oh, did I mention that I did notice Hop was positively littered with product placement)
  • Home made (pop up, maybe?) Easter card with lots and lots of glitter, stick on jems, easter themed stickers, and pretty fabrics to give it texture


  1. Fairy Bread = Yuck.
    I think I may have become immediately unAustralian.

  2. Hahahha, oh well!! It does look pretty, however not particularly appetizing.

  3. Hi Twisted! - I saw what you wrote on Doe Deere's blog, and I completely agree with you. I found it sad that so many agreed with HER instead. I'm a follower now- I like your blog bunches and I'm glad I found it.

  4. Meg Needles - Thank you so much! I am absolutely thrilled you are now a follower & like my blog, but most of all I am so happy you are someone else who shares the view that we should know we are beautiful just as we are. Also I love your name! Needles! Woo!