Giftbox Ideas: Joker Giftbox!

Hello clownladies and clowngentlemen! I came up with another idea after writing the Easter gift basket - I could do ideas for giftboxes! I have had this post for a while and wasn't really sure what to do with it until today, and so here is the first official post of this kind.

If the Joker was to send you a present, this is what I would imagine would be within (& decorated with!). Of course realistically he would be sending you something like a detonator or a timed grenade, but you know – here’s the safer and slightly saner version.

This giftbox of mind mayhem contains -
  • Green tissue, purple ribbon and green/purple bows
  • A love letter from the Joker (green envelope, soggy, almost ruined, bloodstained, fingerprinted)
  • Defiled playing cards
  • Scary polaroid pictures of clowns and hostages tied up, or of the Joker
  • A CD of recordings and home made songs by the Joker
  • A corset covered in HA's.
  • “If I drew a picture of what makes me violent, I’d give you a shining blade as my answer”, “Your life is f*cked and it’s all your fault”
  • “There is no sensible way to live in this world”
  • “Survival of the sickest”, “BOOM” , “Ha Ha Ha HA HA HA HA ha Ha hA”, “Silence is golden, but duct tape is silver”
  • “All the kids have random stains on their skin, and if they scratch it off
  • Their fingers dig into their flesh... whose idea was this?”
  • Green glitter
  • Harlequin fabric
  • Joker laughing cartoon
  • Blood splatters
  • Asylum records/admittance passes
  • Vial of Joker venom (green glitter, lime cordial, grape juice)
  • Mixtape - “Music to watch it all burn” (Princess Chaos, Dead is the New Alive, Push Button, Take a Bow, Life Burns!, Strength through Music)or whatever you think the Joker would put on a mixtape.
  • Little present box with purple tissue tied with green cord (message on gift tag from Joker)
  • Brutally hand stitched purple suede gloves
  • A vandalized issue of your local newspaper
  • Purple and green socks/patchwork socks
  • Green & purple lipstick/makeup
  • Toxic waste sweets
  • Handmade Joker corsage (in the similar style of how Gala Darling & Nubby had custom made corsages with Notorious B.I.G and MJ on them)
  • Badges! Anarchy ones are essential naturlich. There is an Aprella badge looks scarily Joker-like with her dragging red lipstick across the side of her face (I thought this when I purchased it at the EA concert – sadly I cannot find a picture yet)
  • Fake body parts (the kind you can get from joke shops)

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