How to Stop Being Scared! + Scary Things You Can Do

Doken doken
Doken doken

We all have those times where we feel the little shivers go up the backs of our necks, when we suddenly get the urge to dash into somewhere light after getting up at night, the thundering heartbeat when you reach the top of a rollercoaster drop! Yes, it is inherently human to be overwhelmed with fear every once in a while.

There are different forms of fear however, some seriouser than others, for instance panic attacks .... also the intense fear after watching the Grudge. It is also pretty vital to be able to calm the f*ck down sometimes, especially if it is your life, or other people's happinesses at stake. In the first instance, you, it could be that you might have a medical condition, or you are genuinely very frightened. To remedy these serious situations, I have compiled a list for your convenience.

  • Figure out a solution to your problem. Think you are dying? You can phone an ambulance, ring somebody you know, wake somebody up if it is night time. Look up what you can do to remedy your problem, and if you think it is serious, I'm serious, phone an ambulance.
  • If you are anxious about something, write down a list of things you can do to remedy your problem. Getting scared is usually something that happens at night, as it is when most people are alone with their thoughts. So if not right now, have your reasons ready for the morning. You probably won't be able to sleep anyway if something is worrying you at night, so at least settling something in your mind will allow you to sleep.
  • Take deep breaths. In for three seconds, out for three seconds. This will calm down your heart at the very least.
  • Drink a glass of water. Or make a cup of tea.
  • Go and sit with somebody. If you're scared of being alone and there is nobody around, talk to someone on the phone. Or go on LiveMocha or something & talk to somebody in another country if it is very late where you are.
  • Find someone you can release out your problem to, for advice, who you know will not make you feel worse.
  • Distract yourself from thinking. The more you focus on something, the more you think & the more worried you get. Read a book, draw a doodle, listen to music or write down something, like what you would make your own theme park like.
  • Keep a light on. If you know you are frightened of the dark, it usually takes a lot of spending time in the dark, alone, to get used to it. No, nothing's ever coming for you - but it really takes a lot of time for people to get that sometimes (especially me).
  • Watch a pleasant film that makes you feel warm & fuzzy inside. Like Ace Ventura, or Marie Antoinette.
  • Think rationally about whatever it is. You may think this sounds stupid and simple but when you panic, all logic just goes out the window and you can't think straight. Try to calm down first of all, and try to reason with yourself. Why would the boogeyman pick tonight of all nights to come and bother you? He wouldn't... because he doesn't exist. Wouldn't he have come for you years before now if he was really serious, anyway?

Hopefully these suggestions will help you in calming down & getting on with your glorious little existence.
In the second instance, the key is to think rationally about things and really assess how risky a thing is. Ultimately, why bother living if you aren't ever going to take a risk, which you might know is perfectly safe? Life would never be fun without at least some element of fear, as you would never be able to achieve that feeling of...
'Oh my god, I actually did it?!?"
But you know, some people just have this thing where they just panic and panic, and close their life down into a little claustrophobic box of what they deem as 'safe' and never do anything apart from have a panic attack at the slightest thing.  Life is all risk! If you don't risk and do things that scare you, you can never get anywhere, you will never be able to have unexpected amazing experiences, and you can never win big!  People don't seem to realise that there is an element of risk in every thing we do, and I just mean going to sleep at night. If fear is putting a hold on your life then there is something wrong, - it potentially is stopping you from having a good time, and you really have to change that.

Doing frightening things, as I've already said is extremely refreshing. However it varies person to person what you might find terrifying. Some people are quite literally fearless, and some may find using a toothbrush horrifying. No matter what, it is never unhealthy to have a little bit of fear injected into your life. So  here are some things you can do to get you feeling high off life!
  • Sing/perform in front of a crowd of strangers
  • Go on a new (to you), really high rollercoaster. Like Kingda Ka. (I went on Top Thrill Dragster when we went over to America once, and let me tell you, it was absolutely amazing. I screamed like a lunatic.)
  • Sky diving
  • Go shark diving
  • Go to the top of Blackpool Tower and lie down on the Walk of Faith. Get surrounding people to jump on it while you are lying there. (Hahahaha, sorry I just burst out laughing at this, because I really did this once on my 16th birthday)
  • Eat chocolate scorpions (they sell these at Selfridges believe it or not)
  • Take a trapeze lesson
  • Dive off a really high diving board
  • Go out dressed up like a maniac.
  • Go in Pasaje del Terror
  • Go on a scare attraction
  • Shave all your hair off/get a mohawk
  • Wear sky high platform shoes
  • Hold a tarantula/baby crocodile/snake
  • Have a cold shower
  • Join a new club full of new people
  • Get someone to chase you.
  • Face up to serious problems you know you have to deal with. Tell that bitch at work to go screw herself. Don't let your boyfriend or girlfriend push you around anymore.
  • Go for an audition or an interview. Be brave.
  • Go out without make up. Go out on a bad hair day and don't care. I have had friends who won't even do this!
  • Ride on the back of a motorcycle
  • Spend a night in a haunted castle, or do a Most Haunted type of thing
  • Have a go on a Ouija board.
  • Watch scary films!


  1. /doesn't even wear make-up.

    I'm scared of matchsticks and hair straighteners.

  2. I'm scared of most kind of insects & swimming in waters that aren't completely clear.

    Hair straighteners? Was it a bad experience or something?

  3. I just don't like hot things particularly near my head (or fingers).

    Why are you scared of insects? They are gorgeous darlink!

  4. Hahaha, I know what is *wrong* with me ;p. I have too many unintentional pet spiders for my own good.