Immersive Realities Which I Love - Fablesession!

Fable is one of my new-ish computer game loves. Well, sort of. I am not sure if I actually like it that much, but the repetitive mindless activity of continuous lute playing in Fable 2 is really wonderful when you are trying to take your mind off things. That, and it has some interesting and/or stereotypical villainous characters I allow to occupy my mind space. 

Anyway I would recommend this game. I actually like all of the games made by Lionhead studios - I used to play on Black & White and the Movies when I was younger. I never finished B&W but it was a great game albeit slightly irritating. Fun fact!: I used to tell stories to my relatives while using sound effects from Black & White.

It's extremely difficult to decide which Fable game is best out of the three - the first is brilliant because it has the best (in my opinion) and original music. It also has Jack of Blades, a most fascinating villain. But the thing is about the first game is you have a health meter & you can also die, then have to restart - both things are not applicable in Fable 2 and 3 which I think is a great feature - as, doesn't it suck mega when you have to start your game again after dying half way through? Also this game is very gender restrictive - you can only be a dude in this one. And you also age, a factor kindly excluded in the other games.

Fable 2 is an advancement on its predecessor - however what pisses me off about Fable 2 is that it is only available on the Xbox 360 platform. The sparkly golden trail you have to follow is glitchy, and that is the problem with these games, I would say. 
Besides that, Fable 2 enables you never to have to permanently die - you can only be knocked out, there is the addition of Wraithmarsh which has beautifully sinister music (perfect for WACP's), interaction has been improved upon vastly with in depth one on one communications, and categories of many kinds. 
Also there is the introduction of Reaver - Fable's prized charming bastard pirate who you can't help but love. And the Commandant is in this one too! Also I love the Shadow Temple in this. Oh, and did I mention you can be both genders this time? So, as you can see, a lot more general improvement in this second game.  

Fable 3 is a lot lot better on all things - especially customizing. Thankfully, this game is available on both PC and Xbox 360. You can no longer gain experience points like in Fable 2, but your weapons & the likes are updated as you open chests in the Road to Rule - a separate realm which is like a giant complicated pathway which only opens its many gates as you progress through the game. 
You can choose to be a man or a woman, starting off significantly slim, you can fatten out noticeably. Outfit wearing is varied & exciting - in a very much Sims 2/3 fashion! You can dye your clothing whatever colours you like upon attaining the various dye packs. Mixing & matching clothes, wearing make up, crazy hair etc. are all features, so you can transform into a Joker schemed masquerade ball attendee, or a crazy striped tights Highwaywoman, or whatever takes your fancy.

Also, the Crawler is part of Fable 3, who is a pretty stereotypical evil all consuming darkness-loving entity whom has somehow captured my love and attention anyway.
The only cons for this are - the constant re emerging, overwhelming crowds of monsters you have to fight can be pretty annoying - a lot of the time I find myself just tumbling tumbling tumbling through the masses of them until I can run away and make an honourable escape so that some unfortunate behind me can happen upon them instead. Also the glowing trail that leads you to your active quests is still pretty glitchy.

Of course my expected & universally used opinion is - try them all out yourself and make your own mind up which is best. But seriously, you should. They are all in their own rights, great games. However I don't think you should fork out hundreds of pounds/dollars/whatever you use to buy a new Xbox 360 for Fable 2 if you don't already have one.


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