Style Tips: Nancy Holbrook

  • Black skinny jeans
  • Dedicate your time to artwork & experiment in charcoal
  • Be quiet & keep to yourself
  • Drink a lot of coffee
  • Medium to long length straight dark hair
  • Listen to an mp3 player a lot, if you don't already. Be into music.
  • Sloppy berets.
  • Oversized comfy hoodies.
  • Black and white converse shoes
  • Black canvas pumps
  • Long sleeved slashed white top
  • Slashed dark skinny jeans
  • Red bras
  • Dark coloured long sleeved tops
  • Paint/pen/charcoal stained hands
  • A pair of ordinary blue jeans
  • Cropped grey joggers
  • Short, black nail polish painted nails
  • Black lace floral tights
  • Mid calf black leather combat boots
  • Dark brown short sleeved tshirt/bed shirt
  • A white lolita dress/babydoll + dolly shoes & white ankle socks
  • Work as a waitress part time (ideally in a diner/small cafe)


  1. I love your lists. I think they set your blog apart and are really well thought out. This one gives me an idea. (devious looks)

  2. Why thank you, Meg! Uh oh, what deviancy are you up to? ;) :p