Sun Dresses of Monstrous Mayhem

A.k.a lovely pretty sundresses for the goths, alternatives and otherwise otherwordly supervillainesses. The weather around where I reside is gradually beginning to heat up a little - which is good news for me as during the winter I generally am not too adventurous with my fashion choices on a daily basis - it is way too cold and I always go for the convenient and sensible option of wearing comfy black jeans and the same warm coat.

So now it is early spring and inevitably moving onto summer, it is time to seize the golden opportunities of wearing the less practical garments of one's wardrobe. To start off this semi fashion frenzy for the coming sun, I have collaborated my best picks so far - of sun dresses!

I wouldn't normally go for leopard print - but I think this is really cute!

Th13teen/Wraith summer dress!


  1. My faves- the eyeballs, the black w/ dead unicorns, the leopard print and the pink sparkly. It's like pokemon- gotta catch them all.

  2. I like the eyeball dress, the leopard dress and the strapless black poofy one.