Thursday LPDU Daily Outfit: Modern Day Mercenary

 The Fable 3 female mercenary outfit is absolutely amazing - I'd love to create the costume! So I decided to do a mercenary inspired ensemble for Thursday.

This consists of black Doc Martens, blue stargazer lipstick, sequin eyepatch from Accessorize, black synthetic leather jacket, black puffy shoulder long sleeved tunic top (you can't see the shoulders under my jacket), stud wristband and black & blue striped pants. 

I feel like one of the Stabbington brothers dressed up like this. In a good way.


  1. I LOVE YOUR PANTS. Not 'like', LOVE. They are especially great with the Doc Martens.

  2. Thank you Sary! I'm glad you like them. I think they are by Hell Bunny.