The Unforgiving Review

Good god, I thought it would never end! The long four year wait is finally over & Within Temptation have finally released their long awaited new album, the Unforgiving.

You see, I really do like their new album. But there is no doubt about it in my mind - WT have sold out, big time. Their music has become exceptionally mainstream sounding - and it's ok, I still love it, but it has lost its potential to be genuinely spellbindingly amazing, like Mother Earth or the Silent Force. No album, in my opinion, is worth a four year wait - especially not one that sounds this commercial.

There is a consistent theatrical theme that runs through WT's albums, and on the Unforgiving, it feels like it has been watered down. There are bits of orchestral, bits of operatic singing, ultimatrely it really is obvious WT have cottoned onto the fact THOE's more mainstream sound was really quite successful in the charts - so they popped it up a step (Actually, that is a massive understatement if you compare this to say, Enter, for example ). Which isn't a big deal if all you care about it sales and don't mind discarding your artistic integrity. (which is of course the constant battle of being an artist of any kind)

So, apart from my whinge about the wait & the commerciality of it all? It's fabulously poppy. The tracks won't take a week to grow on you, and from being a die hard WT addict scorning the new music like nobody's business, you'll be positiviely humming them away. Though my criticism is quite detailed, I do love all of the songs & I think that WT have produced quite a few catchy little numbers.

First tracks to break the ice? Hmm, obviously Faster, if you haven't heard it already, Shot in the Dark, Murder & a Demon's Fate. Just to let you know, as it was the first single, I wasn't too impressed with Where is the Edge to begin with, I had to let it grow on me.


  1. I had an album that I waited 4 years for as well, and it was really popish and I felt like the band had sold out the sound, but I still love the album for itself and even though the sound is not what i'd like, the lyrics (which were the most important part with me and this band) are still there.

    I'm glad you love it, but I'm sad they sold out.

  2. Which band was that? It sucks when bands commercialize... they eventually lose who they are.