Whimsical Things To Do in this Summer of 2011 List

  • Own a vest in every colour of the rainbow
  • Sing the entire Teenage Dream album by Katy Perry
  • Ride in an open top bright green convertible. Or a hippy van.
  • Go to an open air market
  • Do a make up look that involves gluing bright sweets to your face
  • Buy a pair of shoes and glue sequins/sparkliness all over them 
  • Have a picnic that consists entirely of berries
  • Wear colourful shiny lame 
  • Go paddling in a beautiful river and skip stones
  • Laugh like a maniac & get loud in public
  • Go glow in the dark bowling & wear clothing that shows up in the UV light
  • Make a necklace out of real Forget-me-not's, buttercups and daisies
  • Drink every kind of iced tea.
  • Write a fairytale of your own life & make a beautiful book of it, complete with crazy pictures.
  • Visit an art & crafts fair
  • Dress up like a fairy
  • Roll down huge grassy hills.
  • Go out perfume testing in your local Boots/drugstore/wherever
  • Make a giant sundae. And I mean giant.
  • Play playground games like hopscotch and skipping
  • Go birdwatching. Find somewhere where you can meet/hold parrots or do falconry.
  • Curl your hair.
  • Play about in a giant adventure tent & cover it in fairy lights, and drink cocktails in it at night.
  • Let little green aphids crawl over your hands.
  • Do voluntary work somewhere. It doesn't just have to mean helping feed homeless people - but that's nice anyway! It could be volunteering at a theatre to help with set production or helping out at a cupcakery just for the experience!
  • Rip colourful tights and layer them over each other
  • Find your nearest Irregular Choice store and try shoes on!
  • Find some cool cake moulds & make fruit sponge cakes in crazy shapes
  • Draw elaborate patterns on your arms in colour eyeliner.
  • Dance in front of a powerful fan and whip yo' hair back and forth.
  • Go to a hip hop karaoke.
  • Watch the Cat in the Hat & the Hangover Part 2
  • Go cycling in the sunshine
  • Go berry picking in a field
  • Dress up like a hippie.
  • Learn how do gymnastics & flip around like a maniac on fields.
  • Run through fields with long grass.
  • Make an epic drama with fruits & draw faces on them.
  • Go paddling in fountains!
  • Sing with friends out in public.
  • Play Toejam & Earl 3. Or listen to the music!
  • Spin around in circles in the rain.
  • Lie down in a field & listen to music
  • Wear really bright dreadlocks & go raving
  • Visit places where there are waterfalls, dress like a Grecian goddess & have your picture taken in front of them.
  • Go on a dance mat
  • Put loads of crazy badges on the front of the tongues in your trainers
  • Write in gel pens whenever you can & stick cute stickers on any notes or letters you send to your friends/relatives.
  • Let the sun wake you up.
  • Keep a vase of rainbow roses in the middle of your table
  • Listen to pretty piano music on a vinyl player
  • Wear beautiful stick on bindis
  • Go to a retro cafe/diner
  • Wear yummy jewellery that looks like cake or sweets
  • Start up a sweet lolita wardrobe
  • Go on a motorbike ride & wear a cape. Swish it dramatically every time you pull in somewhere, like Lady Gaga in Judas.
  • Try every single cocktail ever
  • Buy a realistic mertail and go swimming!

But above all, be free.
Be the person you want to see dressed up in the street.
Laugh and scream and cry
And play hide and seek behind trees.
Smile with your teeth.
Summer is here now, so make it the time you turned over a new leaf
You're beautiful, and you deserve to be seen

And what do you know - a bit of spontaneous random poetry for you. 
Always, I wish you a wonderful day and night, Stitchearts!


  1. That is an awesome list!
    I definitely want to do those things!
    Thank you so much for sharing it.

  2. You're welcome, October. Have a great Summer & a great week too :)