Photography Project Inspiration

If you're a budding photography enthusiast, or enthusiast of any art medium for that matter, sometimes we all get a few harrowing dry spells (total block, total block!), where you don't make any art at all and really don't know when you will be inspired to do so ever again. So, since I empathize entirely with this in every form, I thought I would share my go to list when I am feeling sick of holding a camera.

Hopefully this will give you some ideas, though some of the time its just best to aimlessly snap, snap, snap even if you don't really feel it with the scene. You can surprise yourself. Also, I find sometimes listening to music on your earphones to help create the atmosphere can help you get inspired while you're out and looking to take pictures.

So, here's your inspo fix for today! 
  • Take pictures of yourself and all your friends/family and turn it into victorian styled photographs (dress up, make it sepia, age it with textures?)
  • Use a different form of picture than you usually use (ie. polaroids, landscapes instead of portraits,  
  • Purikura! Or, just plain photobooth strips.
  • Visit a brand new town or city, and document your visit as if it were a fairytale. Make it your mission to make the place look magical. Stick all the pictures in a pretty book and annotate the images, make up fantastical stories & use twinkly stickers.
  • Take pictures of meals. Or buy a lot of sweets and photograph them. Arrange smiley faces in M&M's or Fruit Gums. 
  • Or take a picture of a teacup filled with an obscure tea.
  • Keep a photo journal of all the flowers you see.
  • Take pictures inspired by your favourite scenes from movies (ie. for example, like in the Virgin Suicides where Kirsten Dunst is lying on a deserted school field at sunrise. It's very hard to be specific with this one as there is so many different things from movies you can do - it just depends on what inspires you!)
  • Visit all the graveyards, crypts and cemetaries near you and take eerie black and white photographs.
  • Buy a white face mask & take pictures in it sitting inside trees.
  • Whenever you see a unique place & way to pose - do it. And get someone to take your photograph there. Or vice versa, get a willing model to pose there.
  • Take pictures of 100 different eyes (human, animal, artwork, whatever!).
  • Action/motion shots! Go watch a football game, tennis game, people doing sports, go people watching in a coffee shop, wander about a street or sit down in different places in a city, even swish your hair in front of a fan and use a remote.
  • Dress up as a clown, or your favourite character, and have insane self portrait sessions.
  • Visit a mystical forest, take pictures and make a storyboard out of them ("and then, the mushrooms began to speak!")
  • Take pictures of lots of different fabrics and keep them for textures.
  • Make a video instead. Go to a windy place and wear a swishy dress, or run around woods dressed as a fairy.
  • Take photos of all your shoes/have a catwalk session with your entire wardrobe
  • Go cloudwatching & take pictures of clouds lying upside down on a hill or a bench
  • When you are feeling reflective, take a picture at the time of something that will represent the moment and add a poetic caption underneath it. Or, write poems for the pictures you take.
  • Take pictures of lots of different lights; candles, flames, chandeliers, the sun, torch spotlights in the dark. Be experimental with the lighting in shots! 
  • And take observing pictures of how light hits things, like the ground through a canopy of leaves or leaves themselves and sparkles on moving water.
  • Document a period of time with snaps of what's going on, say maybe a Christmas holiday & make a scrapbook.
  • Write a message out of leaves or stones in your garden and take images of it. Or scratch a message in a tree and take that.
  • Shuffle your music playlist and spend the day finding pictures to represent the first 10 or so songs that come up. 
  • Weather shots! Rain is especially fun to take rolling down windows or off leaves or splashing into puddles. As is snow, and storm clouds and sun, and just all kinds of weather!
  • Bokeh time! Learn how to do bokeh and take lots of pictures of fairy lights, and just generally anything you can do bokeh with.
  • Take pictures of beautiful items, oddities, clothes and things you see when you're out but can't afford. Make a collage out of it.
  • Make a mammoth cake and take pictures of every single part of the process, including eating. Then make an animation of it.
  • Take underwater pictures! Wear a swishy dress or a mermaid tail, or just a simple swimming costume and snap yourself, or snap other people, or snap sea life.
  • Any wounds you get, take them too. Nose bleeds, pricks from needles, bruises, vampire bites, werewolf gashes, cuts, bloodshot eyes. 
  • Rollercoaster shots! Ooh, go to a theme park. Or, even better, a small travelling fun fair or carnival, because the garish lights and whacko designs on the vans and tents there are always better. You could even go out hunting for abandoned fun fairs and take some eerie pictures there as well!
  • Write love letters to 10 different people, and photograph them. It could be friends, celebrities, even anonymous ones you could send to people you know from across the road.
  • Wake up at sunrise and take the morning in, with your camera.
  • Wrap yourself in fairy lights and photograph it in the dark.
  • Make/try every single famous cocktail known to man and take a picture of each one (maybe not all at the same time).  
  • Do up/tidy your room (just take it as it is, or you can add more quirky deco or hand made stuff or something) and photograph it at this point in time.
  • Make a slideshow/small movie out of your pictures and add music. 


  1. These are really good ideas! I'm not a photographer, but I do love taking pictures. I feel very inspired now :)

  2. Thank you Claire! I am so happy it has inspired you :)

  3. Good advice!

    I need to mention that I love your blog name ^^

  4. Thank you tenebris! I'm glad you like it! It's a phrase my grandfather used to use :)