Tim Burton Artwork Inspired Clown Make Up

So, this is in fact not part of my old Flickr clearout - this is a brand new look I did last night & have been meaning to do for ages after seeing this little guy on some of Tim Burton's artwork (the little clown in a spotted/striped jumpsuit with orange hair). I edited all of these (for the eyes), however the make up has been left looking exactly as it was in real life, naturlich. Everything is always a lot creepier with the addition of contact lenses.


  1. It's very disturbing and very successful. Congratulations! I admire Tim Burton and your makeup is very faithful to him. =D

  2. "This Is Halloween" comes to mind. Sweet!

  3. eeeee!

  4. Your eyes remind me Mr. Spaulding!!! It's so cute, I like it ^^

  5. Lydia Burton - Thank you and thank you again! I am glad it achieved the desired effect.
    Tenebris - "I am the clown with the tearaway face"...
    Rouise - You know the score ;)
    Bathory Doll - Haha I am pleased you like it & think it is cute :)

    Hope you all have a nice weekend, dearies!