Wednesday Cardiff Trip + Cardiff Haul

This Wednesday we went on a day trip to Cardiff. Day trips like this always start off at 4am and end at 11pm, so it is a horrendously long day filled with walking - I pretty much pass out even before I get home. It is a great workout. 

This is a picture I took at 5am outside my grandparents house (& edited to look like a James Wan style set), before we set off.

The very first thing after the long drive of getting there we did was walk through the park near the castle. It's really beautiful there, and huge, to boot!

We wandered into the town after this and had breakfast at Garland's Eatery which lives up to its decent reviews, by the way. I have been feeling extremely jaded about restaurants as of late but this was actually really good quality for once. The bacon was wonderful - not overcooked or too salty, and that was enough for me, not even counting the fact the rest of what I ate was also nice. So, after wandering out of Duke Street Arcade where GE is, we went shopping for casual gear (visited numerous places like Miss Selfridge, Primark, River Island, Topshop, Schuh, nowhere unconventional or worth a special mention).

And so, after going shopping for ages and ages, we took a bus tour right at the end of our visit which showed us the main tourist points of Cardiff (Millenium Stadium, Mermaid Quay etc.). We go on it every time we go.

Cardiff is seriously beautiful, but on this visit we didn't really get to look around the bay, or anywhere really scenic. We have done in the past, though (I have actually walked around the bay, been in the art museum inside the church, gone on a boat ride, had a milkshake in a 50's style diner in Mermaid Quay etc., all of it is lovely)

Hopping off the bus ride, we had to hurry back and meet up at the car so we could all go home (finally) after a day of shopping and walking.

Holy shiners, and you'll never guess what?! We saw a triple/quadruple rainbow on the way back home!
Yes, way!

You can see the other one if you look carefully into the distance here.

That was the end of the excitement on the car ride, and for the day, sadly, but of course, the excitement never really stops at Twisted HQ. Onward to the haul, oui?

New black and white Hi-top Converse shoes from Schuh. They are my very first pair of Converse and I absolutely love them. I haven't stopped wearing them yet.

Pocket watch from Urban Outfitters in the sale section.

Gosh darn, I can't tell you how long it has taken me to finally buy this. Eye mask for troubled sleepers from Urban Outfitters.

Dirt cheap flower headband from Primark. Yay!

All of the above vests & tops + shorts were also from Primark. They are mainly for casual wear, as I am lacking some hehe.

Dress I got a discount for in River Island, because it was the last one in the smallest size and there was a stain. I still love it.

White Lace Collar Dress
Lovely collar dress from Miss Selfridge (though I wouldn't personally recommend you shop from MS in Cardiff - they tried to steal an extra £8 off me (and believe me, I knew it wasn't an accident)

Tea time eclectic stud set from Accessorize. And that is the end of my haul!

I always generally enjoy these Cardiff adventures, it is a lovely city and I would definitely recommend you go. The arcades are probably the best part of Cardiff in terms of shopping, as the run of the mill shops such as Topshop and that are just the same as anywhere else. The arcades have lots of cute and quirky little restaurants and shops to look around. We always see the Hare Krishna worshippers every time we go, too. Maybe it's a daily/Wednesday ritual? It's always cool to see them, anyway.
So yes, like all cities there is a lot to do and see and experience in Cardiff, and so far what I have seen has been wonderful!

All photography except the last two pictures are by me, so no using without permission please!

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