August Gothy & Circus Topshop Picks + Filey Report!!

Here is my August selection of circus themed picks from Topshop. I haven't done a Quirky Mainstream Fashion Finds thing for a long time because stuff that has been in the mainstream stores has been very much bleh. As you may have guessed, all the images are from (you don't say!).

For example, I think the colour block shift dress would look amazing in a carnival stall person look if you wore bright star patterned tights, black biker boots, a striped head scarf holding up zany coloured hair to match (+ lots of crazy hair accessories) and black and white striped gloves.

In other news, I also went to Filey today (some seaside town near Scarborough?) but sadly do not have any pictures as I forgot my fecking memory card for the camera. Errp. It was uneventful. The weather was humid and overcast and drizzly, and honestly there wasn't much there. Still I got a cute spider brooch from an artsy type shop there. I like it so. Oh, and I ate a whole lot of sugar that made me intensely hyper on the ride home. All in all it was an ok trip!

Happy very early Friday Stitchearts!

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