Conway Adventures!

Ok, so I said a couple of days ago that I was going to Conway, and so here are the photos I took while I was there. Conway is a gorgeous little town in Wales near Llandudno (which I have also visited a while ago, but wasn't too into photography at the time), that has the most amazing castle you can go into there, with scary, scary towers you can climb to the top of. I do find that about my travels, that in Wales, so far, they have the best castles! In fact I am sure that my favourite National Trust castle is there too.

We went into a cafe inspired by Amelie Poulain (called Amelie's) where I had nothing except tea, as it was overpriced fancy nonsense & the woman who owned the place made us sit in an annoyingly claustrophobic table at the back despite there being a table directly at the front of the restaurant/cafe/whatever. With that, although the concept is cool because I am a lover of the movie, I maintain the opinion of "DON'T GO, KIDS!"

The pictures at the very end were from the town walls walk, which was basically the fortress walls, once attached to the castle, which you can go up and walk along for free. And you know, I say it was totally worth it & really refreshing to do, in fact it was nothing short of an experience of flying, you're walking over the rooftops of the town and it is just magical!

So yes, I had a really, really nice time, it was a lovely place for exploring.

Hope you all had a delightful Wednesday Stitchearts!

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