Day 17/365 - Things I Did Today and Yesterday

  • Tigs was his usual weirdo self
  • Mum's birthday (bouquet + star gift tag)
  • Got 3 piercings. Let me tell you the most painful piercing in the long term is probably cartilage, however the most painful at the time of having one done was my left ear lobe.
  • Started my decora bracelet collection. The little hearts are actually rainbow coloured but I liked the sepia effect better.
  • Baby Mateus and Mother Mateus. (wine bottles)
  • It rained a whole lot over this weekend where I am, hence the subtle rain on window image at the back.
  • But beads on my mini chandelier light.
  • Skrillex is also my religion at this point.
"Oh, I've been working a week, I'm tired
Yeah, I've been working a week and I'm
Just living for the weekend"
- Living for the Weekend, Hard-Fi


  1. Please post like this more often! It's much easier to see how pretty everything is when it's all together =)!

  2. Thanks for the recommendation! I'm assuming you mean all the 1000 ft long scenery posts I do as well lol XD -_-'