Grin Low Forest Again + Random Outfit Shots

Grin Low Forest was where we visited last Sunday. We went the week before too, walked around the other side and went up to Solomon's Temple. I would say it's much like a fairytale forest, but this side of the forest is positively infested with hoverflies (at least, that's what I think they were). You can hear this ominous humming wherever you go... but well, that just comes with nature I guess. I have as you can see a couple of ad hock outfit shots wearing my black and purple lolita dress (decided not to wear a petticoat). I suffered for this duly, and got all manner of scary little critters inside my dress, which was partially my fault as I like crouching and getting inside things to take interesting pictures.

Happy Wednesday Stitcheatrs!


  1. Cool!

    Cute outfit!

  2. What a beautiful place <3 You looked so cute too

  3. Pretty! Gosh, I haven't been hiking in AGES.